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#WriteYourLove Challenge – Day 4

Handwritten Heritage Instagram Challenge Tales of a Peanut

Well, we’re halfway through with the #writeyourlove challenge and I’m really enjoying getting to know everyone participating and seeing them write to their families and friends. I was on my way back from vacation yesterday and so didn’t get a blog post up about my prompt, but yesterday’s prompt was who was receiving your letters. I am writing some to a number of different people, but I’m writing the most letters to these three who have my heart.

WriteYourLove - Tales of a Peanut

Today’s prompt is to show your handwriting. It is so neat to me that everyone’s handwriting looks different. It is so unique to all of us and, therefore, we should treasure it. But, if you’re anything like me, you might not like your handwriting very much. But when I look at it from my children’s perspective, or my friends, I know that I treasure everything with my Mom’s handwriting on it and think it’s beautiful, even if she might not agree! So here’s my handwriting on a letter that I wrote to James about the songs that we sing together at bedtime.

Handwriting - WriteYourLove - Tales of a Peanut


So tell me, what do you think of your handwriting? Love it? Hate it? What about your loved ones — does their handwriting give you warm fuzzies? Tell me about it!


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