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Danielle Wood Mentor Monday - Tales of a Peanut

Just like Paige last week, Danielle joined me for the #writeyourlove instagram challenge in July. Over the past few months I’ve fallen in love with her sweet little girl and her adorable planner designs. I’ve found that the planner community on instagram is a vibrant one full of lots of encouraging women like Danielle. I’m excited to introduce her to you today!

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1. Tell me about your business and how you got started.

I found the “planner community” on Instagram almost two years ago. It’s such an inspiring community of women {and men!} who want to be better organized, better housekeepers, better moms, better wives, better friends, and better people. I started sharing my own pictures and tips for being organized, and these “planner girls” requested that I sell my planner inserts to help them get organized! I *finally* gave in and started selling my digital files on Etsy. When we found out we were expecting our first little one last year, we decided that I would stay home with her. Shortly after she was born, I started selling printed inserts, again at the request of several customers! It’s since shifted to being a physical item only shop, but it’s grown from a little hobby I worked on during my daughter’s nap time to a full time job for both me and my husband! I’m so grateful that I get to stay home with my little one while doing something that I absolutely LOVE to do!

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2. The work/life balance is an elusive goal. Do you have any tips on how you balance it all?

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the balance down as well as I’d like to, but my family is a part of my business. I aim to work when my baby girl is sleeping, and because my husband is now full time in our business, we get to spend a lot of time together! We tend to keep a busy schedule outside of our shop, but we do a lot as a family. In a way, our little business has brought us closer together as a family!

3. What three things are critical to your daily business?

From a business perspective, I must reply to messages and emails, prepare orders for shipment, and be active in the social media world each day! I believe customer service is a HUGE part of a successful business, and having a quick turnaround is a key ingredient to excellent customer service! We strive to have a quick turnaround on orders because we want our customers using our products as quickly as possible!

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4. What are your goals for your business in the future?

I’d absolutely LOVE to see our business continue to grow over the next ten years! I honestly didn’t expect my little hobby to grow into a business as quickly as it did in its first year {I finally found my niche in October 2014!}, and it’s been such an amazing adventure. My husband recently started working full-time in our little business this last month, and it’s been such an awesome experience! I’d love to see it grow in ways that we’re able to help even more mamas, wives, teachers, and people get and stay organized!
5. What is the biggest business lesson that you have learned so far?

One business lesson I’ve learned is to be firm but kind. I love to please others, but I’ve learned that I can’t please everyone every time. Sometimes I need to say no, as hard as it might be, for my own good. I’ve learned that if I don’t take care of myself and my family, I cannot help others take care of themselves or their families.

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6. Everyone needs a confidant and advice giver in business, who do you turn to?

I’ve always relied on my husband’s feedback and advice! He’s been my #1 supporter from the beginning, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for his support! My mom has also been a huge help in giving constructive feedback with our shop. I also belong to a Facebook group of shop owners who support each other, share advice, and give each other a virtual high five!

7. Who should we tune in to online that you love?

I enjoy listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast as well as the Inspired to Action podcast! I also find inspiration from @TheResetGirl, @ThePlannerSociety, and @scribbleprintsco on Instagram! These ladies are rocking it in their own businesses, and it’s such an encouragement to see others win!

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8. How can we keep up with you online?

I’m most active on Instagram, but you can find me on YouTube, Facebook , Twitter, and on my blog.

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Danielle is a wife, mama, and small business owner living in Oregon. She and her husband have been married five years and love turning everyday life into an adventure. Some of their favorite things to do are playing at the park, hiking, and early morning snuggle sessions with their baby girl!

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Danielle’s faith and exuberance bleed through into all of her work. I haven’t jumped into the planners with inserts yet but I’m seriously considering it for 2016! Let me know what type of planner and inserts I should look into!

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