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Tales of a Peanut #writeyourlove #tbt Gramme and Papa

Written words can convey so much with so little. If the text is heavy and bold, the writer was angry. If the text is loose and soft, it was written with joy and hope. With a few scratches of the pen we share our emotions and love for everyone to read.

Our handwriting is also intensely personal and unique to each of us. I can always recognize MyPapa’s handwriting with just a glance. It’s so distinctive and I’m thankful that I have lots of samples of it because he was really great at writing notes. This week’s #writeyourlove #tbt is a letter that my grandparents sent me when I was in college. They used to take the time to handwrite me little notes. My grandmother would share details about her days — the apple pie she just baked, how my cousin was enjoying dance — and my grandfather would slip in a piece of paper with some quotes that he thought would be applicable to my days. Simple acts that meant so much to receive them.

My grandfather would always end his letters with the text “Love you” and more often than not the text read “Love You Every Day”. Because that was “his thing” and his handwriting was so unique to him and because we lost him four years ago, I decided to try my hand at vectorizing this summer to create a special gift for my mom’s birthday.

WriteYourLove Custom - Tales of a Peanut

I was able to take the text that he wrote me on a card and turn it into a vector image and get gold foil prints printed of it. It’s extremely simple in look but pricks my heart and gives me all the feels every time I see it. There were, of course, tears when I gave my mom her present and it’s now sitting in her kitchen for her to remind her how much her dad loved her every day.

Since this was so meaningful for my family, I decided that I wanted to share the experience with others as well. Today I’m launching another part of my #writeyourlove collection by offering you the same service that I provided my mom. What better time to announce it than with a throw back to one of the letters that gave me the idea.

WriteYourLove Sunshine Flat - Tales of a Peanut

Starting today, you can go to the shop and purchase a gold foil print from your handwriting or the handwriting of someone that you love. You simply upload a picture of the text that you want on your print and then checkout. I will then vectorize your writing into a usable form and create a gold foil print from it. You can take a picture of something that you have from the past or write something new. The picture above is something that I had my six year old write last weekend as an example. This is a great gift for those mourning or just as another piece of writing down your legacy for those in your life.

We could all use a little more love in your life, so why don’t you write your love down today!

Tell me, if you want a print like this around your home, what would you want on it? Something that you wrote or something that someone else wrote to you?

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