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11 Gifts For The Paper Lover

Holiday Gift Guides - Tales of a Peanut 2015

As you can probably guess today’s gift guide might be the most exciting for me seeing as I have a love affair with paper. Let me tell you that these products are the best of the best and something that every paper lover would love to have. I promise!

11 Gifts For The Paper Lover - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

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ShePlans - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

2016 Daily To Do List Planner – She Plans – $46

Planners don’t get much more beautiful than this one from She Plans. There are three beautiful cover designs to choose from and the covers are sturdy chipboard with gold corners and spiral binding. This planner is special because it has a monthly calendar as well as detailed daily pages to keep your life in check. If you need to keep track of where everyone in the family is at any one time then this is the planner for you. And not only is the design of the monthly and daily pages beautiful, this planner also boasts a host of different features like gift giving pages, holiday lists for the next three years, blank notes pages with a special notes tab in the back, and mylar coated monthly tabs. For a paper loving, organizer, type A personality like me it can be hard to find a planner that fits what I need. Which is why I especially love that Ashley lets you download and try planner pages before you buy so you can make sure you get the setup that is perfect for your life! One note about this planner is that it’s only a six month planner so expect to go through two throughout the year or go ahead and give both for 2016 in one gift.

Hello World Paper Co - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Personalized Stamp – Hello World Paper Co – $26.95+

Any paper lover is bound to have a stack of stationery always at the ready. And while they love the art of writing, rewriting their name and address on letter after letter — especially around Christmas card season! Enter Hello World Paper Co and their gorgeous custom return address stamps. And lest you think that your recipient already has a stamp and doesn’t need another one, get one made for the family or just for the wife, or for the kids. Or even a seasonal themed design! You can never have too many personalized stamps. One nice thing about Hello World Paper Co is that they offer their stamps in self inking or wood mounted so for those who have a preference you can get exactly what they want. And while I don’t have one of their stamps (yet, hint hint!) I’ve heard rave reviews over and over again in our common business groups on Facebook so I know that the quality is exceptional!

Natasha Red - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Seasonal Meal Planning Journal – Natasha Red – $25

I might have started drooling over this journal when I first pulled it up online. Not only is it gorgeous but the concept behind it is brilliant! Making dinner is consistently one of my least loved parts of being a grown up but I think that this journal might just make it a little bit better. This journal comes with 52 meal planning prompted pages that are perforated to pull out and stick to the fridge. It also has 52 grocery list sheets to keep your list in one place. What’s in Season lists and 16 favorite recipes section for each season also make this journal incredibly thoughtful and unique. It’s a perfect bound (that means it has a squared off binding) 6×9″ journal that might just make me happier to make a grocery list each week.

Polka Dot Paper Co - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Dots and Stripes Birthday and Anniversary Calendar – Polka Dot Paper Company – $15

We can all agree that Facebook has changed the face of birthday’s. Where we used to only hear from a few people on our birthday’s, now we’re inundated all day with well wishes from those that we’re close to and those that we haven’t seen in 15 years. With all of that “remembering” when someone takes the time to send you a birthday card in the mail it means even more than it did before Facebook birthdays. And for those who aren’t on Facebook, or those who check the actual app rarely (ahem, me, ahem), even birthdays that we should be aware of sometimes slip off our radar. That’s why this perpetual calendar is such a great idea. You can go through your existing calendar once and write everyone’s birthday down. Maybe check a few of those that you care about on Facebook and write their birthday’s down. Then set this down next to your To Do List planner and you’ll know what birthdays are coming for the entire month at just a glance! And no need to rewrite them every year in your planner since this calendar is good forever. I love this idea and have one already that I dearly love.

Tales of a Peanut - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Handwritten Heritage Milestones – Tales of a Peanut – $40

This is another product that any paper lover will adore. These sets were created to help the busy mom make time to write letters to her children. Each set focuses on a different time period in a child’s life – from their time in utero to their first years as a parent. With fourteen different writing prompts, these sets take the pressure off of coming up with what to write about and lets moms focus on what to write. Printed on dreamy acid free and archival paper, those who value the written word and beautiful presentation will enjoy getting to spend the time writing in each set. Gift a paper loving adult with a set or get a set now and give your children the gift of a lifetime by presenting them with a completed set of letters for Christmas. I can guarantee that this is one labor of love that you and your children will never regret.

Sylvia Stremming Designs - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Wedding Anniversary Collection – Sylvia Stremming Designs – $49

While the Handwritten Heritage sets are written for the future, this wedding anniversary memory book is meant to help you capture the special moments of your marriage as they happen. This Anniversary Memory book is a gorgeous silver and white and comes with its own white and silver storage box. With pages to record wedding memories, honeymoon memories, and thoughts of what you did on anniversary’s one through twenty-five, this album would be the perfect gift for anyone who wants to remember the special moments of each year of their marriage. This would be an especially great Christmas gift for anyone who is engaged or newly married.

Words Worth Noting - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

You Make Me Brave Journal – Words Worth Noting – $13.50

Those who love paper usually love writing as well so what better gift to give than a beautiful moleskine journal for them to record their thoughts. This journal is made special by the beautiful hand lettering on the cover. Not only is it available in the verses shown in the listing, but you can also request a custom journal with your favorite (or the gift recipients favorite) verse or quote on it. Moleskine is a rich, dreamy texture that holds up really well and with 80 white lined pages, this journal will last for a while.

Tisa's Creations - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Daily Journal in Acrylic Box – Tisa’s Creations – $48

As I’m writing this gift guide I realized that most of these items focus on introspective pursuits such as writing letters or journaling. This product takes the spirit of that and gives it a little twist with bright colors, fun patterns, and a clear acrylic box to hold it all in. Instead of spending a lot of time writing down memories, this journal simply wants you to jot a quick note for every day of the year. The more years you use it the more memories you’ll remember as you read through what you did on that day in years past. It’s a Timehop for your thoughts! And the acrylic box is so adorable that you won’t mind leaving it out at your home command center so that you won’t forget to write a small sentence about this day as you get ready for bed.

Ace & Bear - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Faber-Castell LOOM Ballpoint Pen – Ace & Bear – $28 (it’s on sale right now though for $20!)

All this gorgeous stationery is kind of wasted if you’re just writing on it with a regular pen from Target. That’s where this LOOM ballpoint pen comes in. It’s sleek metallic look is gorgeous and makes it easy to pick up the pen and write. And with the fine rings of the matte chrome plated grip section and a slight curve this pen won’t make your pen hurt from spending too much time writing. I’ve also been told by a very reliable source that this pen has the best ink flow of almost any out there so don’t forget about how important not having smudges or drips when you’re writing!

House Plus Love - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

Scripture Card Set – House Plus Love – $24.95

These sweet scripture cards might become my go-to gift because they would be perfect for just about anyone. With a gorgeous color palette that is both traditional and trendy at the same time, these 52 cards will help anyone spend more time soaking up God’s word. And while some scripture cards that I’ve seen are small, these are a generous 5×5″ side which would easily fit into a standard picture frame that you can find at Hobby Lobby to make this present even more perfect.

PS If you know a paper lover or organizer that is building a house, make sure you consider the House Plus Love Design Binder. Honestly, I’d love it just to organize everything from my house now but it would be especially perfect for those just embarking on the home building journey!

OliveBox - #TOAPGiftGuide 2015

My OliveBox – OliveBox – $25/mo or $35 for a single box

Last but most certainly not least is a subscription to OliveBox. OliveBox is a monthly box delivery that is chock full of items that a paper lover would adore. The products are curated around a theme each month and are delivered right to the door of the recipient. Not only does OliveBox feature some of the best in their monthly subscription boxes, but you can also purchase a single box or a gift membership if you’re wanting to give the subscription for Christmas.

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I might have waxed poetic about a few of these but they are just so precious in my heart. And the fact that they’re on dreamy paper doesn’t hurt either. And I’ll go on record saying that I would be exponentially happy if any of these items showed up under my tree this year! If one of these suggestions isn’t quite right for what you’re looking for I encourage you to browse through the selections of these shops. They are all packed with gorgeous products that would make wonderful gifts for those you love this holiday season.

I would also encourage you to pin, share, tweet, email, whatever you do about this post and the other gift guides so that others can find out about these amazing shops and products! I’d love to hear from you so let me know if I’m missing something or if you think one of these is a gift that you’ll definitely be gifting this year!

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