3 Ways That Tales of a Peanut Is Giving Back in 2016

Giving back is important to me and always has been. This year, giving is moving from more than just a personal value to a defined business value as well. Tales of a Peanut is starting a giving campaign called Tales of a Peanut Gives Back. It is going to have three facets to allow us to give as much as we can. While we have been doing a number of these things from the beginning of the company, with this program in place it will allow us to track our giving in a more defined way and allow you to share in the giving with us.

Tales of a Peanut Gives Back

Giving 10% Monthly

Each month Tales of a Peanut will donate 10% of its proceeds to a charity or cause that I believe in. Most months, this charity will be Compassion which I have blogged about numerous times over the past few years. I believe that Compassion is doing a tremendous amount of work towards their goal of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. We support Compassion as a family and Tales of a Peanut will now join in to support them as well.

Occasionally, Tales of a Peanut will make the monthly donation to a different organization, charity, or cause. These might be organizations that are running a specific campaign or relate to something that I’m blogging about during a month. When an organization other than Compassion is chosen, it will be announced on the blog the first Thursday of the month so that our community can support and pray for them as well. We will focus on organizations that support women and children and will occasionally give this donation to a family adopting a child or struggling with medical or other expenses.

Partnering On Individual Products

In addition to the monthly donation, Tales of a Peanut will also partner with individuals and organizations to donate a portion of proceeds for specific products. We have been doing this since our inception with our Inspire card sets of which a portion of the proceeds is sent to a couple on staff with Cru. When we introduce these products they will typically be available for a limited time and we will promote them via social media and on this blog.

Donating Products

The third way that Tales of a Peanut will be giving back is with product and service donations for causes raising funds. This could encompass donations of products for auctions or donations of time and expertise to benefit an organization. Requests for donations of this type will be evaluated individually and may be sent in via the contact form on this site.

How Can You Help?

You can partner with us to support these missions in multiple ways. You can go to either of our stores (Tales of a Peanut or miniPeanuts) and purchase knowing that a portion of that purchase will be donated. Or you can get in touch with me about an organization that would like to partner with Tales of a Peanut via the contact form. And we ask that you give individually of your prayers and monetarily when you can to these organizations. We believe that one small donation can have a big impact when it is being used to support others.

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