What is #writeyourlove?

If you’re new around here you might be wondering what this whole #writeyourlove hashtag means. Since I’m doing a #writeyourlove instagram challenge this week I thought today would be as good a time as any to explain why I’m using the hashtag and what I hope to achieve with it.

#WriteYourLove Tales of a Peanut

The Creation Of The #WriteYourLove Hashtag

I first posted with the hashtag back in June. I had created a print for my mom with my grandfather’s handwriting on it for her birthday. He always signed his cards with the phrase “Love You Every Day” and since he has since passed I wanted to be able to remember it in his own scratchy scrawl daily through a print. I realized that having the phrase in his handwriting meant so much more than if I just had the memory of him saying it and so used the hashtag on that instagram post.

What #WriteYourLove Means To Me

Writing your love to me means to hand write your story, your advice, your hopes, your fears, and your love to those around you. Hand writing your story makes it 100% unique to you. It is virtually impossible for a regular person to duplicate your writing exactly which makes items with your handwriting on them extremely special to those that you love. Even if you don’t love your handwriting I can guarantee you that your family and friends do because to them it represents you.

What I Want The #WriteYourLove Hashtag To Accomplish

By using the #writeyourlove hashtag and encouraging others to use it, my hope is that it will remind people of how important and special their handwriting is. I want people to see the hashtag and immediately associate it with something they love, cherish, and is immensely special. I would love to start a revolution where people began to routinely share their stories in their own handwriting to pass along to others. Hand writing increases the time that it takes to write which makes it mean that much more to the recipient. And, as long as you’re using the right kind of paper and pens, handwritten documents can last forever and are easier to not lose when stored together.

How You Can Participate In The #WriteYourLove Movement

There are many ways that you participate and promote the #writeyourlove movement. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Write a letter to a child, family member, or friend and post a picture of it on Instagram with the #writeyourlove hashtag.
  2. Purchase a Handwritten Heritage set and begin to routinely write letters to your children based on the prompts. Share photos of where you write, who you are writing to, stacks of finished letters, or anything else associated with your writing. Include the hashtag when you post pictures. You can look back at this summer’s #writeyourlove challenge to get ideas of photos to post. Or just search the #writeyourlove hashtag for ideas.
  3. Give gifts of stationery to your loved ones with a short note about the movement and why you think they should write their story. If you’re looking for excellent sources for stationery you could check out the Tales of a Peanut shop. Also check out the post that I wrote after my trip to Stationery Academy this summer. It has a list of all the women who attended with me and most have fantastic stationery shops.
  4. Find letters and cards that you have received in the past. Snap a picture of them and share the story on instagram with the #writeyourlove hashtag (here’s an example from my past of a letter from my grandparents).
  5. Make an effort to hand write notes to teachers, to stick in lunch boxes, or simply to encourage a friend. Share pictures of these notes and why you wrote them or use some of our #writeyourlove stationery to educate and share the mission with them.
  6. Write your own blog post or social media message about why you think writing your love is important and how you will be implementing it in your own life. Make sure and tag us (@talesofapeanut on most platforms) and we’ll do our best to share your story as well. You can find #writeyourlove graphics to use in this Dropbox folder if you’d like to use any of your graphics.
  7. Try to write as much as you can by hand. Recipe cards. Cute things your kids say. A paper planner. Grocery lists. All of these things are ways that you can keep your handwriting familiar so that it doesn’t seem so strange to write a letter to your loved ones.
  8. Check out all of the products in our #writeyourlove line including the custom gold foil prints with your handwriting! Give these as a gift to share your love and post a picture on instagram with the hashtag so that we can share as well.
  9. Be on the lookout in the coming months for more #writeyourlove products including t-shirts, bags, and art prints!

I can’t wait to watch the momentum spread as more and more make an effort to hand write their love! If you have more questions send me a message via the Contact page and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can!

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