Tip Tuesday #5 – My Biggest Business Mistake

Over the past few weeks I’ve started sharing some of the tidbits of knowledge that I’ve picked up over my last three years in the entrepreneurial world. I’m calling this series Tip Tuesday and am excited to share tip #5 with you today. I learned this lesson after making my biggest business mistake.

5 - Tales of a Peanut Tip Tuesday Find What Works For You

My biggest business mistake has been chasing all the rabbit trails about what I should do in my business. This person posts 10 times a day on every social media channel — so should I! She does a giveaway every week — so should I! She only sells on Instagram — so should I!

I have realized that just because one person does something one way doesn’t mean that doing it that way will be a success for me. I have to figure out what avenues work best for my business and pursue those because someone else’s marketing strategy will not work for my company just like my strategy wouldn’t work for theirs. By limiting the amount of time I spend reading and researching for what so-and-so says works, I’ve spent the time digging into my stats and my business to find what works for me!

Some suggestions on how you can apply this in your business might be

  • Checking out Iconosquare to see when you get the most engagement on Instagram posts and only post at those times even if those aren’t the “recommended” times by experts
  • Determining which social media platform works for you and only engaging on it. It could be LinkedIn for you, it could be Twitter, it could be Facebook, but find what works for your business and spend your time there. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time! (Pssst…I would recommend getting your handle on all platforms though and posting one image, pinned tweet, pinned message, etc telling customers where they can interact with you. That way for those who might look for you on the other platforms they see that you are legitimate and no one else can steal your handle on those platforms.)
  • If your mentor is on Squarespace but you’re on WordPress and love it, don’t switch just because your mentor is on a different platform! They can both work for each of you!
  • Don’t be offended if you recommend a product, service, or strategy to a friend and they don’t implement it in their business. Just like you, they’ve got to do what works for them.

Have you fallen into the trap of doing things just because you feel like “everyone” is doing it? I’d love to hear some examples in the comments if only to feel like I’m not the only one who has struggled with this!

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