Anxiety Will Not Run My Life

Late last spring I went for an initial consult with a psychiatrist. I knew I was battling depression but when I finished my first evaluation, my doctor told me that I also had severe anxiety. As she started describing symptoms like racing thoughts, fatigue,  inability to sit still, trouble sleeping, trouble breathing, I was able to look at each of them and say that they were daily occurrences in my life. While I was surprised, I was determined to fight back against the depression and anxiety and not let them control my life.

Anxiety will not run my life - Mastermind Mamapreneur


While I want to share more of my struggle and journey to overcome the anxiety and depression more with you over the course of the next few months, right now I want to share an opportunity with you. If you often feel the symptoms I described above and feel like you’re constantly battling worries that consume you, feel like you’re missing out on the time you spend with your kids, or wake up in the middle of the night with a brain that won’t quit going through a list of all the things you have to do or all the ways that you’re a failure, then this message is for you.


My dear friend (and cousin), Meredith, has just released an incredible free online workshop. I’ve been talking with her off and on for the better part of a year on this topic and so I was unsure if I would get a lot of benefit from her More Calm, Less Stress workshop last week. But I wanted to support her and can always use more help with dealing with my problems so I hopped on the call.


And y’all I was blown away by what I learned and how I’ve been able to put it into practice in my life just in the last five days. In her More Calm, Less Stress workshop Meredith dives into it all. From insecurity and anxiety to alcohol and the Sunday Scaries, she talks about all the lonely places stress and anxiety can take you (and has taken her). This workshop is free and is about an hour long and will give you a lot of insight into her background (she graduated from pharmacy school before she started her entrepreneur journey!) as well as give you some skills to control the anxiety instead of letting it control you.


Anxiety will not run my life - Mastermind Mamapreneur


At the very end of the workshop, Meredith introduces the next round of her program, Peace and Presence, where she will guide participants through tangible steps to learn HOW to experience the transformational power of Presence. Her online course includes weekly lessons which include a session in a yoga style that she has developed herself, writing prompts to encourage reflection and processing of emotions, and a mantra to help you fix your mind on success instead of letting the anxiety overtake you. Knowing Meredith’s background in pharmacy as well as her history struggling with anxiety herself, helps me have confidence that this program is going to do amazing things for women who battle anxiety.


The only catch is that the course starts on Monday so if you want to sign up you need to watch her More Calm, Less Stress workshop and sign up today! Her workshop also includes an amazing offer for participants wanting to take the course so make sure you watch until the end to take advantage of that! You can visit the workshop by clicking any images in this post or clicking the link to the More Calm, Less Stress workshop here.


As readers of Tales of a Peanut,  you know that I only endorse people, products, and workshops that I fully believe in. As with everything that I recommend I only do so if I feel that it will benefit you and me. I am an affiliate for Meredith’s program which means if you indicate that you heard about this course through me, then I will receive a small commission. As an additional bonus, if you let me know that you sign up for her course, I will also offer a free 30 minute mastermind call with me to help you tackle any problems or questions that you have related to your business!


Mamapreneur call with Peace and Presence Course - Mastermind Mamapreneur


Also, if you struggle with depression and/or anxiety, I’d love to hear from you in my inbox. Tell me how I can pray for you as well as what you would like to hear about from me relating to my struggle. I’m glad to say that right now I feel pretty good and am thinking that I’ve found the right medicine combo that, along with modifying my thinking through therapy, are helping me to embrace and enjoy life. But I know, at least right now, that this is a daily struggle for me and for a lot of other people and I want to be as supportive and helpful as I can.


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