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11 Gifts For Your Kiddos

Christmas is just around the corner and while we want to approach the holiday with reverence and a focus on Christ, we also know that in order to devote the energy to the holiday that it deserves we need to get our shopping done! That’s why last year I started a series of gift guides before the holiday and I’m continuing the tradition this year. Today’s installment is all for your kiddos and the gift guides will continue for the next week to cover just about everyone on your list!

11 Gifts For Your Kiddos - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

A few notes before I start sharing my favorite ideas. #1 – These items are exclusively from mama-owned shops. I believe in supporting other Mastermind Mamapreneurs and I want to make it easy for you to find them. A number of these women are featured in the first issue of Mama’s Black Book and others are new to me as well as you. But I encourage you to shop small as much as you can this season. #2 – Links in this series will occasionally include affiliate links or products that paid to be included. This means that my company gets a few pennies for each time you buy after clicking an affiliate link on my site link. Your price does not increase and I promise to only include links for shops and products that I love and, for the most part, have used before. Affiliate links will have a * before them to show you that they are affiliate links. #3 – If you have a small business I would love to feature you in the future so text GIFTGUIDES to 44222 to receive my 10 Tips for Getting Featured In Gift Guides and sign up for my mailing list. And, now, on to the good stuff: the gift ideas!


Little Lang's - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

Little Langs: Rocket Dark Grey Triblend Tee, $16.50

I do live in the “Rocket City” so that might influence my love of this sketch design, but all of these designs are adorable and will grow with your child. You can choose from a limited selection of short sleeve tees as well as long sleeve tees. Jana also has a variety of other designs available so you can build your own tee!

Meredith Collie - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

Meredith Collie: Learn To Set The Table Personalized Placemat, $14

Setting the table is an easy chore for kids to do around the house but sometimes the table can look as messy after they “set” it as before they “set” it! That’s where this placemat comes in. It shows your children with fun colors and graphics where everything at each persons plate goes. And since it’s large and laminated it will be easy to keep spills on it and then easily clean them off. PS The placemat also comes in holiday colors!

The Ivory Pony - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

The Ivory Pony: Holly Dress, $60, and Holly Button Down Shirt, $45

I know kids don’t traditionally enjoy opening gifts of clothes at Christmas, but I always give my kids at least one package of clothes because the fact is that they go through them quickly. So this gorgeous dress and button down shirt would be a great addition to their wardrobe this holiday. Not only will they get to wear it later but they can put it on Christmas day to go and visit the family!

miniPeanuts - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

miniPeanuts: Dizzy Dinoette Melamine Plate, $27, and Dino Time Melamine Plate, $27

Melamine plates make great gifts for children because they can be personalized for whatever they love and with their names. Also, they can use them as often as you can keep them washed which makes them practical as well as making them happy every time you set the table with their plate. These plates are BPA free and dishwasher safe so you can also rest easy serving your kids on them. A win-win for everyone!

Legacy Gymnastics - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

A class or activity that your child has been asking for but to which you’ve been unable to commit the time or money.

My kids want to be involved in everything and have a hard time understanding that Mommy and Daddy can’t be everywhere at once and also can’t afford to have them in every activity. But the holidays are a good time to surprise them with a “yes” that you can afford to commit to. For example, if your daughter has wanted to take gymnastics, give her a new leotard and a note saying that she can take gymnastics through the end of the school year (Legacy Gymnastics in Pelham, AL is a great place to start these type of lessons!). Or you can wrap up a new baseball hat and tell your son you’re signing him up for baseball this season. Think about what your child really wants to participate in and what you can commit to and then surprise them with the ultimate yes under the tree!

Intentional Home - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

A new journal or devotional.

My oldest is 7 and loves to read herself and journal. She also loves reading *Jesus Calling For Kids. So I thought this year that I’d combine all of those with a devotional that she can do herself. A few suggestions that I’ve found (and purchased!) are the Archer Adventure Journal ($9.99) and In The Word Children’s Bible Study Journal ($15).

Yarnheartz - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

Yarnheartz: Poncho Matching Doll and Gift Outfit, $46.50

If you’ve got a girl who is in to 18″ dolls, then she’ll love a matching hand-knitted poncho for her and her doll. This set is handmade with fantastic quality and your daughter will delight over being able to match her doll. Bonus points if you wrap a new doll dressed up in the poncho and her poncho together!

Polka Dot Paper Company - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

Polka Dot Paper Company: Awesome Book Stickers, $3

These stickers would be a great stocking stuffer especially for kiddos that are reading. They can protect their books from younger siblings by identifying that they are theirs with these stickers. And at this price you can buy them plenty so they can mark their entire book collection!

The Treehouse Kid - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

New costumes for the dress up box.

Kids thrive on pretending and when they have costumes to go along with their made up stories it just makes them that much more fantastic. Which is why Christmas is a great time to clean out and restock their dress up box. There are great costume options out there for boys and girls and many can even be personalized which makes them even more unique (and ends fights over whose costume is whose!). Some costumes that I think are great options are the Dragon Knight gift set from The Treehouse Kid ($135), Super Kid Hero Cape set from SuperKidCapes ($28), and Dinosaur Cape set from Pip and Bean ($45).

Have Fun Learning - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

HaveFunLearning: Busy Bags Bundle, $55

Keeping little ones entertained can be a problem, especially if you want them to be doing something useful with their minds as well. But this Busy Bag Bundle solves that problem with five activities for preschool aged children to keep them busy while also building their mind. I especially love the color matching game with paint chips thanks to my design background!

SO Handmade - Gift Guides 2016 - Jenn Elwell

SOhandmade1: Train Play Mat, $25

We got my son a play mat one year from a big box store and I could never get rid of the plastic smell. This organic, handmade playmat solves that problem while also helping your child use their imagination to play with their trains. If you set it up under the tree with some new trains you will get an even bigger reaction!


Don’t forget to text GIFTGUIDES to 44222 to receive my 10 Tips For Getting Featured In Gift Guides and sign up for my mailing list! And make every effort this holiday season to shop small. Coming up tomorrow… Gifts For Teachers!

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