How I Doubled My Productivity Without Spending More Time Working

Twenty-two hours. This is how much time, on average, I have to spend on my business in a work week. And I get up at 5 am every morning in order to even have that much time. If I didn’t get up early, my hours would be down to 14.5.

I want to build a business that is contributing to my family’s income.

How I Doubled My Productivity Without Spending More Time Working - Jenn Elwell

Building a business like that takes time. And time is something I and all mamapreneurs who are juggling their business and kiddos are in short supply of. In actuality, the time available that you have to spend working on your business could even be less if you have a full-time job, don’t have kids that take regular naps or have other commitments. Our already meager hours are dwindling as our calendars fill up!What Would A Virtual Assistant Do For Me - Mastermind Mamapreneur - Jenn Elwell

With that small amount of time, I felt like I was spinning my wheels in my business. I was spending so much time replying to emails, posting on Instagram, packaging orders, and renewing listings on Etsy that I had virtually no time to work on expanding and growing my business.

My time was wholly spent working IN my business and not ON my business.

Despite the fact that I didn’t have much income coming in, I decided two years ago to look into hiring a virtual assistant. This turned out to be one of the single most beneficial decisions that I have ever made for my business. I began to outsource the tasks that I didn’t enjoy, that took up too much time, and that were easy to explain to someone else. And I found exactly what I was looking for.


Now I spend much less of my time working in the day to day weeds of my business. I don’t schedule my own social media posts. I don’t format posts or do any of the many other tasks that I don’t love and that take away from the time that I can be spending doing what I love. Which is creating content to help mamapreneurs succeed.

And I’m accomplishing all of this without sacrificing time with my family or any more sleep! My work hours are the same, and sometimes less, than they were before I hired a VA and yet the productivity of my business is not stagnant or declining but growing.
Many mamapreneurs understand the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant but get stuck in the details of how the relationship would work. The single most common question that I’m asked when I talk abot hiring my VA and why it was a great decision for me is this:

But I don’t know what a virtual assistant could do for me!


The Most Important Investment That You Should Make In Your Business This Year - Mastermind Mamapreneur - Jenn ElwellThat is a problem. You do need to know what you’re going to ask a virtual assistant to do before you hire one. And while figuring out what those tasks are going to be might seem like too much effort to you, I know that hiring a virtual assistant could potentially be the most important investment that you make in your business this year.
Which is why I’ve put together my four-step process to help you identify what you will have your virtual assistant do for you. but also getting all the details specified so your assignment of that task to her simply involves sending her a file. These four steps will walk you through exactly how I detail my tasks for my assistants and you will end up with a way to convey not only what you want but what you expect from your VA.
I believe, as mamapreneurs, doing everything we can to maximize our time spent working is extremely important. Because of that, you can download this resource for free right here! You can download it, print it, and then spend just a few minutes working through the four steps before you’ll be ready to assign a new task to your current VA or hire a brand new one and get her up and running with your business.

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Make the decision to take advantage of all the shortcuts that are out there and are available to you. Hiring an assistant could mean the difference between staying stressed out and always feeling behind to being back to a place where you enjoy your business again and are focused on the tasks that you alone can do. Download your four easy steps to finding a task for your virtual assistant today and you’ll be ready to hire her and give yourself some time back!

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