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My kids are all about superheroes these days. It’s not unusual to see them sitting on the counter, find books about them spread on the floor, or open the door to find a full-scale battle going on in a bedroom. They can’t get enough of the ‘good vs. bad’ storyline. And since the superhero always wins, I think it’s a great way to expand their imagination.

Superhero Mamapreneur - Jenn Elwell


As these images have shown up constantly in my everyday life, I began to think about the traits that the superheroes are displaying.

When you read through these traits, you’ll notice that you already embody a lot of them! I identified with a majority of these qualities right off the bat – I was amazed at how little being a superhero had to do with the supernatural abilities and how much it had to do with the everyday personality traits that are within all of us.



What do superheroes have to do with us?

As mamapreneurs, not only are we ‘Super-Mamas’ day in and day out, but we can learn a lot from them about how to succeed in business. Think I’m reaching a little far? Let’s look at some common characteristics that almost every superhero embodies.

Superhero Mamapreneur - Jenn Elwell

  • They Choose a Territory to Protect or a Focus to Deal With

Each superhero has chosen an area to be responsible for…whether it’s the city they live in, fighting off a certain type of villain, or protecting a certain type of people, each hero knows their role in the universe.
Likewise, as mamapreneurs, we should narrow down the purpose of our business to one thing and then spend our time thriving in it instead of trying to master a variety of different areas.


  • They All Have an Origin Story That is Unique

You can probably name the birthplaces of a handful of superheroes right now without putting much thought into it. One thing that makes superheroes so interesting is that they each have their own story which is totally unique to them. Whether bitten by a spider, sent to our planet from their home planet, or simply decided to use their skills for the good, each hero has a story that allows others to relate, appreciate, and identify with them.

Each mamapreneur should also have her own origin story for her business and it should and will differ from anyone else’s. By embracing what makes us different, we can all find a place in the business world.


  • They Lead by Example

While the bad guys continue to emerge and resurge from the hidden underbelly of the superhero world, the superheroes are the ones setting the tone for others.

Like them, we mamapreneurs are not only setting an example for our little ones, but for our customers as well. In a small business, you are the face of your business – the way you act and present yourself in public is how customers will view your business. So we should strive to set a positive tone in not only our home, but also in our business.


  • They Don’t All Have Superhuman Abilities

There are superheroes out there who can do amazing things with supernatural abilities, but some of them are just dedicated people who are resolved to make the world a better place.

Designing stationery, planning weddings, or selling insurance might not take superhuman abilities, but by showing up day in and day out, we’re demonstrating that we have extremely strong human abilities!


  • They All Have a System That Supports Their Greatness

Whether it’s someone back at home base creating new high-tech gadgets, someone watching their back from the sky, or a sidekick helping them out while they’re fighting, most superheroes have a community of support behind them.

Just like them, we should also build a support team around our business. This can mean everyone from professionals, like CPAs and lawyers, to your assistant or designer. Having a strong team surrounding you only increases the quality of your work and helps you not get so burnt out in the day-to-day upkeep of your business.


  • They See Their Gift as a Calling to do Something Heroic

No matter what your business is, mamapreneurs are doing heroic things. By showing kindness to strangers, we are encouraging others. By being vulnerable with our peers, we are showing others that it’s ok to be authentic. By working hard, we’re letting our children know that both dads and moms can work hard and enjoy their work. Your gift is a calling to do something heroic every day … Even if the only heroic thing you can do is to show up.

Superhero Mamapreneur - Jenn Elwell

How to be more of a superhero every day??

Since I’ve now convinced you that you’re actually a superhero, I want us to think about how we can be more of a superhero every day. Think of ways that you can go above and beyond when you’re dealing with clients…0r take a few minutes to send an email praising someone on your team and their work.

You are a superhero Mamapreneur and I want you to recognize and embrace it!


P.S. Another great way to embrace your superhero-ness is by applying to be a Mamapreneur Mentor!

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