3 Tasks You Shouldn’t Outsource As A Mamapreneur

Delegation (via outsourcing or automation) is an important part of being a mamapreneur. While we’d like to do everything by ourselves, we know that it’s impossible. So we outsource and automate the tasks that we don’t like, don’t do well, or take up too much time. While almost anything can be outsourced, there are three types of tasks that you should never outsource as a mamapreneur.

3 Tasks You Shouldn't Outsource As A Mamapreneur Pinterest - Jenn Elwell

Tasks that set the mission and values for your brand

As a small business, you should take control of the direction of your company which is set by your mission and values. Determining what your mission and values are is not something that you can outsource since it will be extremely personal to you and your business. Mamapreneurs are often the face of their company which means that their business mission and values will directly align with their personal mission and values. Because of this, having someone else decide what direction your business will go, what values you will prioritize, and what your mission will be could mean your business is headed in a direction other than the one you desire.

3 Tasks You Shouldn't Outsource As A Mamapreneur - Jenn Elwell

Tasks that you do exceptionally well and bring you joy

Being a mamapreneur is stressful. You’re balancing not only taking care of your family but you’re working hard to grow your business. Because of this, you shouldn’t outsource tasks that you do exceptionally well and that you enjoy. Being directly responsible for the execution or creation of something that you enjoy doing will help you counterbalance the more stressful tasks associated with creating and running your own business.

Tasks for which you don’t have a clear system in place

Starting a new project, developing a product, or beginning to use a new application means that you don’t have a clear system in place for that task. You may spend a few weeks or months trying different methods of execution until you achieve an end result that you are happy with. Until you are clear on the steps a task needs to be accomplished efficiently and accurately, you shouldn’t try to outsource the task. Outsourcing something for which you don’t have a clear system in place could result in unsatisfactory outcomes and frustration as you try to explain what needs to be done to another person or set up an automation for the task.




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