Free Educational Content: Is it worth the time investment?

As a female entrepreneur, you’re always on the lookout for free educational content that will help you in your business. But do you ever consider that not all educational content that’s free is right for you?

Jenn Elwell Business Strategist - Free Educational Content for Female Entrepreneurs

What type of free educational content is out there?

  1. Free downloads – typically 5 page or fewer downloads that will give you a solution in text form
  2. Free recorded webinar(s) – usually 30 minutes to 1-hour videos that are recorded giving you a solution
  3. Free email challenges – emails (sometimes with a pre-recorded video) that come to your email box over a specific length of time such as weekly to guide you through making a change in your business
  4. Free group coaching programs – usually utilize a Facebook group to offer you access to a coach or expert; tend to be limited in time
  5. Free live video/webinar programs – live webinar/video presentation that is around 1 hour long and allows you to interact with the host via question and answer time

Which type of free educational content is right for you?

First, think about how much time you want to invest in education right now. Do you have the time only to read a one or two-page download or do you have time to invest in a group training program with an involved Facebook group? You may think you only have time for a quick download but if the content is something that will be dripped to you (sent at a set pace like once a week) or will involve something that is unique and not available all the time you may want to consider opting in and making time for it.

Second, ask yourself whether this is information that you NEED right now in your business. Are you struggling with your social media images? Then definitely download the guide on 5 things that make an Instagram image great. If you’re struggling with knowing what to do next to fill your client roster, make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to learn in real-time for a quality coach. But if you aren’t struggling with creating images then don’t sign up for an image creation download just because it might be something you may want to look at in the future. Trust me, it will get buried on your computer and you will never remember to go find it when you actually need it!

Third, consider whether the free educational content is time-sensitive or not? Some entrepreneurs run free content promotions just like they would a paid program and only offer it once a year or once a quarter. If that content is applicable to you in the next period of time before the content will be offered again then don’t delay and miss your chance to expand your knowledge.

Fourth, always take into consideration which way you learn best. You know whether you learn better by having someone speak to you live or in a video or whether just reading a document or email series impacts you the most. Even though you’re not investing your money in this free educational content you are investing your time in it so make sure you’re getting a return on the time you invest.

Jenn Elwell Business Strategist - Free Educational Content for Female Entrepreneurs

Free educational content for you to check out

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