Tales of a Peanut Behind The Scenes

You might wonder who is behind Tales of a Peanut, want to know what exactly Tales of a Peanut does, or want to know more behind the scenes info about the shop. This is the place to find out all of that information! And if you want to be even more in the loop, you can sign up for the newsletter, The Peanut Post, by clicking HERE.

Tales of a Peanut Behind The Scenes

Who Am I?

The Peanut Post Who Am I

My name is Jennifer Elwell and I’m the face behind Tales of a Peanut. I have three kids, Charlotte, James, and Hadley, and have been married to my husband, Jason, for ten years. We are born and bred Alabamians who bleed Crimson and White (The University of Alabama in case you’re not from around here). I love reading, comfy but stylish shoes, glamorous jewelry, the one Coke a day that I allow myself, and Jesus. You can find out more details about me on the main About page.

What Do I Do?

The Peanut Post What I Do

Tales of a Peanut is my creative outlet and encompasses a lot of different things. Over the years I have designed stationery, t-shirts, greeting cards, lunch boxes, and dinnerware. I took the early part of 2016 to figure out what I want Tales of a Peanut to look like in the future and have transitioned into a role that focuses on encouraging women in business. I have an Etsy store where I sell products to equip women and blog (when I can make time) on my website.
PS I also have a children’s line called miniPeanuts with its own Etsy store and email list. If you’d like to receive emails about miniPeanuts you can sign up by clicking and visiting this link.

Why Do I Do It?

The Peanut Post Why Do I Do It

I passionately believe that God is God and that he doesn’t make mistakes. Which means that he did not make a mistake when he created you. He created you exactly as you are for a specific purpose. I want to help women embrace the person that God made them to be instead of being ashamed, embarrassed, or frustrated with all the unique traits that makes them….well, them! I want to be a friend who encourages you to find balance in your life, gives you resources to capitalize on your strengths and learn from your weaknesses, and someone who prays for you. I am doing this because I feel called to speak truth into the lives of women. And the truth is that you are loved exactly as you are. By me and by an all-powerful God.

Who is “WE”?

Like most small companies, this is a Mama owned and operated venture. I don’t have a brick and mortar store, an office outside of a nook in my kids playroom, or rigid work hours. For the most part it is just me, in my home, designing, fulfilling orders, and writing. But I have a very special resource who is critical to Tales of a Peanut and I want to make sure that you know about her so that when I use the word “we” online it doesn’t confuse you.

I have a fantastic virtual assistant named Erin who helps me online. She mostly helps me with social media but has in the past, and occasionally now, helps me with more. She is a Mama of four who rocks at what she does and there is no way that I could have continued Tales of a Peanut without her. I was drowning in social media and stressed out about keeping up and she came in and took that burden off of my shoulders. We are very consistent with the messages that come out of Tales of a Peanut though so you can be assured that everything that come from either of us (and sometimes it won’t be obvious — my Mom didn’t even know I had hired a VA for months after she started running my social media!) is something that Erin and I both believe in.