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The Spookiest Night of the Year

I don’t know where Charlotte and James came up with it, but there were so excited about Halloween this year and kept calling it The Spookiest Night of the Year.


Even though neither of them wanted to touch the inside of the pumpkin, they enjoyed carving him on the night before Halloween. They ran around the yard yelling “Spooooky” and shrieking. I bought a picture of them sitting on the sidewalk with their arms around each other. And although we didn’t know what they were looking at, I think it made all of our hearts stop a little bit.


Charlotte had a book character parade at school. She and her classmates dressed up as a character from a book and brought the book with them to school. They paraded around the school and all the younger kids got to watch them in their costumes. Charlotte had planned on being a princess for weeks but a few days before the parade she decided that she wanted to be Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. So we fixed up a spider costume and she was the cutest spider that I’ve ever seen!




Then it was finally time for the big night. It was FREEZING and windy on Halloween night and spitting rain so we didn’t stay out for very long. But despite the yucky weather, the kids had a blast going trick or treating.



Meet Peter Pan, a strawberry, and Charlotte.



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In Other October News

Wrapping up the month of October were a lot of fun events.

Charlotte and James spent some time at KayKay and GrandDavid’s while Jason was out of town. This included a trip to the river park and seeing a train which they are still talking about.



Lots of sibling fun time.


Hadley started getting control of her torso and got better at sitting up.


My girl has insisted on picking out her own clothes since she was two and I rarely intervene (see previous post for the exception). I love how she has her own style and I especially love when her style matches up with mine. She looked so cute in this outfit that I couldn’t resist a picture before school. She is beautiful inside and out and I’m so thankful that I get to be her Mom.


Since baseball season was wrapping up that meant that James was all baseball, all the time. He got interested in the catchers around this time and started wearing his helmet around like a catcher. I don’t know if he’ll end up playing baseball but he’s sure cute playing it!


And this sweet girl loved bath time and I couldn’t get enough of her blue eyes.



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Papa’s Party

This year’s football season coincided with multiple family birthday’s. Papa’s happened to be on the day of the game with Texas A&M. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed spending it with our family celebrating Papa as well as the Tide.



On the way to our pre-game festivities we stopped in front of the new Alpha Chi house for a picture. This picture just shows two of the three front porticos. It’s gigantic and absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out.



I bought coordinating outfits for the kids back in the summer and had been waiting on it to be cool enough for James’ long pant one piece and Charlotte’s three quarter dress. There was some drama on one of the children’s part getting dressed but I’m so glad I persevered and insisted on the outfits because the pictures turned out beautifully!



Miss Lindsey stopped by to hang out and was so sweet to run around and play with the kids. I am so thankful that we still get to connect occasionally!



2014 10 18_0454_edited-1

2014 10 18_0451_edited-1

2014 10 18_0441_edited-1


Hadley and I ran home to feed her and then rejoined Charlotte, James, and Jason at the game. It ended up being a wonderful day all the way around!


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Pumpkin’ Pickin’

We took advantage of the off football weekend at the beginning of October to make our trek to the Pumpkin Patch. We have gone to the same one every year but one since Charlotte was one (2010, 2011, 2012) and were excited to continue the tradition this year. The sky was blue with nary a cloud in sight and the temperatures were mild so we couldn’t have asked for a better day.


2014 10 04_0323_edited-1

2014 10 04_0336_edited-1

2014 10 04_0342_edited-1

2014 10 04_0348_edited-1

The air pillow was a huge hit this year. Both Charlotte and James would have stayed on it for hours if we had let them. And they both got just as much fun out of falling as they did bouncing!

2014 10 04_0359_edited-2

2014 10 04_0365_edited-1

2014 10 04_0375_edited-1

After they had bounced their hearts out they took a ride on the corn train.

2014 10 04_0391_edited-1

And then it was time to head out to pick out some pumpkins!

2014 10 04_0402_edited-1

2014 10 04_0414_edited-1

2014 10 04_0427_edited-1

2014 10 04_0431_edited-1

We ended up going home with a ridiculous amount of pumpkins and also with wonderful memories. I’m already looking forward to running after all three of them next year!


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Catching Up

Once October rolled around this fall, Tales of a Peanut ramped up and I literally spent every free or semi-free moment working on new designs, orders, and other business “stuff”. Which is great and I loved it but it leaves me here now without having blogged about the entire fall. And since I use the blog as my scrapbook I kind of want to catch up. So, please excuse me over the next few weeks while I try to catch up and try to get back in the blogging routine. I have big plans for the shop and the blog for this year and hope to get them going soon also!

So, let’s rewind the clock back to September….

James got a set of real golf clubs for his birthday from us. To say that he was excited would be an understatement. He immediately wanted to go hit some balls.

2014 09 04_0036_edited-1 web

2014 09 04_0050_edited-1

Sissy rode her bike while James golfed.

2014 09 04_0074_edited-1

2014 09 04_0076_edited-1

We headed to Tuscaloosa for gameday on James’ actual birthday. We had a great day celebrating James and he enjoyed more presents and more birthday excitement. Although, he might have been more excited about the game than his birthday by that point. As a downer on the day, Charlotte got sick that night and then the fire alarm in the condo went off and we all had to evacuate to the parking lot for a while after the kids had gone to sleep. They’re still talking about that! But, overall, we had a great day celebrating James turning three!

2014 09 06_0010_edited-1

2014 09 06 IMG_2800

3014 09 06 IMG_2797

2014 09 06 IMG_7162_edited-1

2014 09 06 IMG_7169_edited-1


We headed back down to Tuscaloosa the next weekend after a very long week while Jason, Memma, and Papa were all out of town. Charlotte took her first of many pictures with the Sparkly Cheerleaders this season (that fascination has not waned in the slightest) and Hadley got her first game attendance of the year.

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0016_edited-1

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0027_edited-1

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0029_edited-1

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0034_edited-1


Hadley continued to grow like a week this month and both Charlotte and James grew a lot also. James also either got tired of me only taking pictures of Hadley or got more interested in her because he asked me to take this picture of the two of them one morning.


Coming up next…our trip to Watersound!

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Starting the Season Right

We decided last spring that we would try to take Charlotte and James to the first football game in Atlanta. As it got closer and closer to our trip the feasibility got shakier and shakier as Hadley was not mastering taking a bottle and we were planning on leaving her with my in-laws. In addition, I was very unsure about leaving her for two nights just because I didn’t want to leave her. But we finally decided that we needed to go for it and so we did. Putting Hadley in the car seat in my in-laws car and watching them drive away was heart wrenching but I knew that she was in good hands and when they sent me this picture I knew she was happy so I was able to relax somewhat.


With Hadley happily settled, we set off with our big kids for a weekend of adventure. On the drive to Atlanta we surprised the kids with a stop at Little River Canyon to see the waterfall. It wasn’t flowing as much as we would have liked so it was a little underwhelming but Charlotte and James still enjoyed it.



We continued on and made it to Atlanta in a very calm fashion. After getting settled in our hotel we headed over to Lennox for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. It was an odd experience to only have the four of us after a few months with an infant and we enjoyed the time that we got to focus on Charlotte and James.

After a very, very hairy time getting the kids to sleep on Friday night, we woke up exhausted on Saturday but determined to enjoy game day. We headed to the stadium early for a reception and the kids were in rare form. They were ready for the game and so excited that it was finally football season! You might be able to gather somewhat from this picture how excited James was…


Take note of his hat on backwards, shaking his shaker, and his tired face because he had literally been running in circles around the reception for the past 15ish minutes!

Charlotte was excited but a little calmer than her brother.


The kids were even more excited when we got to our seats and they could actually see the players and cheerleaders and band. Unfortunately, everyone in our section and the sections around us decided to stand for the entire game which put a damper on it because we basically had to hold the kids the entire game so that they could see. But they enjoyed the game regardless!



At the end of the game we headed up to where my parents sat during the game and Jason and I grabbed one of my favorite recent pictures of us.


On Sunday morning we got up and headed home to our baby. I loved getting to spend some quality time with Charlotte and James over the weekend and we had a great time watching the Tide start the season off right. But I won’t lie, I was overjoyed to get my baby girl back in my arms on Sunday afternoon!