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Friday Peanuts – Week of thoughts in one post

Friday Peanuts


I’ve started just leaving articles that I want to share with y’all open in Safari on my phone and at this point I have so many windows open that it’s driving me crazy!  So I’m going to do a quick brain dump and let you take from it what you will.

Dear World: Let’s Stop Giving Our Crap to the Poor – I’ve never thought about it this way but I definitely will make sure that anything I donate is in good condition from now on.

Melt in your Mouth Buttermilk Pancakes – We’ve changed up our frequent pancake night to this recipe and man is it good. Plus I usually let the kids help mix everything together which gets them involved. Good stuff.

A new chocolate martini bar nearby? Sign me up!

I’ve never thought about praying for my kids future spouse’s parents (I have no idea how to write that correctly) but after reading If My Child Marries Yours I’ve been doing it daily in addition to praying for the spouse’s themselves.

Being a stay-at-home parent is a luxury — for your spouse. Such a neat perspective to the stay at home conundrum of feeling like you’re doing something productive when you feel like all you’re doing is washing dishes and wiping bottoms.

Obviously, he hasn’t had a great few games so this article on Alabama’s kicker Adam Griffith might have been bad luck, but to hear all he’s been through is a startling reminder that everyone has a different situation and you never know what God’s going to do with it.

In this hard season of an infant and two other young kids, this post on what marriage is and isn’t is a great reminder or things that we need to work on and things to be grateful for.

These 5 Tips to Help Your Daughter on Social Media might have the alternate title of “Things Everyone Should Read and Practice Online.”

I think I’m making some of these 10 Common Mistakes Parents Today Make, are you?

I love, love, love the thought behind this Ultimate list of 100 non-toy gift ideas! If I can remember it I want to add some ideas of my own at a later date!

Yet another post centered on parenting but I think also very applicable to relationships in general: Top 15 Things Your Middle School Kid Wishes You Knew

A very interesting article that makes you think through work ethics, authenticity, and appropriate business practices: How Madewell Bought and Sold My Family’s History

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Friday Peanuts

Friday Peanuts

Well, I managed to finally get Hadley’s four month post and James’ three year post up last night. Other than that I’ve still been a scarce blogger. I’m not sure why other than that most days I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I’ll quit saying that I’m going to blog more next week but I am getting close to post 1500 so maybe I’ll do a giveaway then. Any suggestions on what to give??

On to random thoughts.

– I mentioned in Hadley’s post that I’ve given up on cloth diapers for the moment. It’s true. They kept leaking, spraying out newborn dirty diapers is no fun, and they were so bulky on her. I was using bumGenius Freetime’s (all in one’s, one size). I got discouraged and over the extra laundry and decided to wait until we were changing less diapers and I had time to try out a few other kinds. In good news, the cloth wipes are still going strong!

Do Not Sass Talk Your Mother – possibly one of the best parenting discipline ideas for teens that I’ve ever heard. Someone please remind me of this in a few years!

– IF:Pray was this week and even though I didn’t get to participate in real time, I greatly benefited from the tweets going out. If you want to join in a movement that is determined to start a revival in our church then join this one. It’s full of Christ-centered women encouraging and empowering others.

– I love this mother/son shot. Hoping to recreate it with my boy at our next session with the fabulous Erin Cobb!

– I’ve been listening to The Afters’ Life Is Beautiful album recently and can’t get enough of it. If you want upbeat music with a positive message this is a great band.

– I just finished Hello From the Gillespies and absolutely loved it. It was a very interesting read with lots of twists and turns. And with the Christmas card season coming a book set up by a Christmas card letter disaster is perfect to get me ready!

– Speaking of Christmas, I’ve been shopping for a while now but need some ideas for James now that his birthday is over. He’s got tons of trains although he’d probably love a few more. Other than books I don’t have a lot of ideas for him. Any great 3 year old present ideas?

– One thing that I’m thinking about for Christmas is the new preschool themed Koala Crate from Kiwi Crate. Charlotte has always loved hers and these might be fun for Charlotte. If you’ve got older kids they have also started Doodle Crate and Tinker Crate for those 9+. They look awesome!

– And as for my Christmas list? I’m thinking that Smoothie’s would be a good thing to start with the kids for snacks and want a Smoothie cookbook. If you have one that you love please let me know!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Peanuts – Busy Busy Busy

Friday Peanuts

Well, every weekend I’m determined to catch up on the blog and every weekend I’m swamped and haven’t had time to do it. I’m going to try my hardest to catch up this weekend though! But if I don’t, know that I am still thinking of you!

In lieu of a meaningful post here’s some things I’ve been reading and thinking about this week.

Would Jesus Have Joined a Fraternity? – As a proud sorority girl I enjoyed this article and made me think about missed opportunities during my college years. But kudos for reminding us that stereotypes are not always true and we should be searching for ways to show Jesus’ love to others in all situations.

Siri Reads Kindle – If I was ever in the car by myself for an extended period of time this would be awesome! Those who have the luxury of driving by themselves…take advantage of this!

Center of the City Dress – Think this is too sparkly for our Christmas party?

The Ongoing After School Activity Dilemma – This is going to be a struggle as the kids get older. With three I can only imagined how crazy our lives are going to be with after school activities. This post has some good thoughts about considering what to do and things to consider when we’re signing them up. What’s right for our family might not be right for yours and vice versa but right now we’re trying to figure out what’s right for our family.

I’m Glad I’m Not The Same Guy Who Wrote Blue Like Jazz – I’ve never read the book and know nothing about Donald Miller but I liked this post and all that it says. People change and that should be our goal. To learn and grow into better people. Let’s not stifle others growth but embrace it and encourage it.

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Parents Who Don’t Allow Sleepovers – Not sure but I think I might be this parent…

Everything Etsy’s Deals of the Week – Tales of a Peanut has a discount code in there!

Best Events for Family Olympics – I want to have an Olympics! Any family or friends want to join us?!?!

Have a good weekend!



#ALWB – The Soundtrack of Back in My Day

I Go Back Music

Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of doing something and a song will come on and I will immediately be transported back to a moment in time.  Whether it’s a decades old country song that my Dad used to listen to when I was little or the song that my pledge class danced to at our pledge retreat, just hearing the melody and lyrics will take me back to memories that surround the song.  Singing those old songs again can instantly lift my mood and give me energy to complete whatever task I was initially doing.

Read more on the Alabama Women Bloggers site…

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Friday Peanuts

Friday Peanuts

Well, I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks.  Sorry about that! The getting back into school routine has thrown me for a loop and I’m just now getting somewhat settled into a new schedule.  For now, a list of some things going on will have to suffice.  Hopefully new posts will be forthcoming next week!

Alabama Women Bloggers

– I’m the Blogger of the Month for September over on the Alabama Women Bloggers site.  The topic of the month is “Back in My Day” and my first post went live on Monday with some reflection on what I learned about parenting from my parents.  Check out my post and let me know what you learned from your parents and are putting into practice with your family!  I’ll be posting there every Monday in September so be sure to check back next week to see what I’m talking about!



– I love Courtney DeFeo.  She has a heart for Mom’s and for helping us parent the best that we can.  She has a new book coming out this fall (In this House We Will Giggle) and I’m on pins and needles waiting to read it.  I know that it’s going to be awesome!  We have a mutual friend, Lindsey, who her girls calls Izzy, and Courtney has started featuring Lindsey the first Wednesday of every month.  Lindsey is one of my favorite people and has so much to teach Mom’s from all of her time spent babysitting and nannying.  I LOVED her idea about a donation basket from this month’s post and am going to implement it in my house ASAP!



– Courtney is also featuring a Q&A from Tara Concelman from Home First Behavior once a month.  Another great parenting resource! Make sure to read the comments for even more nuggets of wisdom!



– There are apparently 940 Saturday’s in your child’s life from when they are born until they turn 18.  This journal is a way to keep track of what you do with each of those for your child’s life.  I LOVE this idea and think that once a week record keeping is more manageable than every day like some suggest.  A lot of ours in the fall would show us in Tuscaloosa but that’s fun to record as well! This would make a great baby shower or Christmas gift!


– I’m already getting nowhere with the “how was your day” question after school.  I’m going to start trying some of these questions and see if they get me further!



– Look at these cuties featured over on the Baby Be Blessed blog with their namesake dolls!

Tales of a Peanut 9-14


– I’m advertising over at Everything Etsy for the next few months! Check out their Directory for other great Etsy shops!

That’s it for this Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


Friday Peanuts – Around The Web

Friday Peanuts

Posts that have spoken to me this week:

Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed – Such a great post about the historically proven “traditional dating” method vs the “courtship” method.  I think my parents did a good job with this and hope to implement a more traditional approach when our kids are older.  One part that made me laugh was “Being a parent does not make you a Pope for another adult.” That applies in all kinds of situations.


Those related to depression/suicide following Robin Williams’ apparent suicide on Monday:

On Christianity and DepressionFive Kids is a Lot of Kids, Beth Woolsey

“But a spiritual crisis is not the same as clinical depression, not a component of it, nor should it be equated with such. Just like we wouldn’t say cancer has a spiritual cause, we must not say it about clinical depression.”

“The truth is, we can seek God continuously, and long for Joy, and know God is with us in the mess, and still depression can consume us.”

What the Church and Christians Need to Know About Depression and SuicideA Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp

“There are some who take communion and anti-depressants and there are those  who think both are a crutch.

Come in close — I’d rather walk tall with a crutch than crawl around insisting like a proud and bloody fool that I didn’t need one.”

“That’s the grace touch of Jesus: The dark is not your fault, the dark is not the heavy night that weighs the worth of your soul, the dark is not about blame.”

“There’s no stigma in saying you’re sick because there’s a wounded Healer who uses nails to buy freedom and crosses to resurrect hope and medicine to make miracles.”

“There’s no guilt in mental illness because depression is a kind of cancer that attacks the mind. You don’t shame cancer, you treat cancer. You don’t treat those with hurting insides as less than. You get them the most treatment.”

Thoughts on Depression, Suicide, and Being a ChristianNish Weiseth

“Folks, saying someone is depressed or suicidal because they aren’t praying enough, are self-absorbed, sinful, or don’t have a deep enough faith? It’s abusive. And it needs to stop. Now. “


On a happier note, are you watching Jen Hatmaker’s new show on HGTV called “My Big Family Renovation”?  You should.  It’s awesome and bring’s Jen’s unique personality and world view to everyone.  Thursday’s on HGTV.  I’m sure it’s on On Demand too so that you can catch up.  It’s great!