Tales of a Peanut Contributors

Here at Tales of a Peanut we occasionally ask others who share our values to post on our blog. You will hear from the women below as they work to help you connect with God, with each other, and with yourself.

Jennifer Tales of a Peanut

You will hear the most often from me, Jennifer. As my social media short bio says: Wife to a great man. Mama to three littles. Designer. Believer. Desire to use my gifts to help others connect with God and each other.

You can keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Alisa Nelson Strength Collective

Alisa will be joining us once a month to guide us into a healthier lifestyle by sharing with us how we can take care of ourselves by growing closer to God.

You can keep up with Alisa on her website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


I would love to add more contributors to Tales of a Peanut so if you are interested please send me an email via the contact form or this link and include the word “Contributor” in the subject line. 

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