When you’re dealing with an online company, sometimes you want just a little more detail about a product or service before you purchase it. But, being a mama owned and operated company, Tales of a Peanut isn’t always available for immediate responses. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to hopefully give you the answers that you’re looking for. But if I didn’t, don’t worry, you can always get in touch with me through the Contact Tales of a Peanut page!

Tales of a Peanut FAQ

I want printed copies/a notepad/a dry erase board of the Mastermind Mamapreneur worksheets, can I get those?

  • In order to not have our shop overwhelm customers, I limit the options that I provide. But I can create just about any type of printed item out of our worksheets. In the past this has included: 12×18″ tear off deskpad (25 sheets), 8.5×11″ tear off mousepad (52 sheets), spiral bound workbooks, 12×18″ dry erase boards, 9×12″ dry erase boards to go in a 3 ring binder, 4.25×5.5″ tear off notepads with a small section of a worksheet (100 pages). If you are interested in having me create one of these items for you, please visit the Contact Tales of a Peanut page and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

The Mastermind Mamapreneur colors don’t go with my branding. Can I get the worksheets in additional colors?

  • Absolutely! Simply fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut page with the color you want (Pantone colors or CMYK color codes preferred) and what all you want to purchase in that color. I will then send you an invoice and create and send your item to you.

I’m stuck putting together a system for a particular area in my business, can I work with you one on one?

  • I’m is currently putting together a consulting program to work one on one with Mamapreneurs to help them establish systems in their businesses. To get on the waitlist for more information about this program, please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut page and select ‘Consulting’ as the reason you’re contacting.

How can I join the Mastermind Mamapreneur Facebook group?

  • The Mastermind Mamapreneur Facebook group is a group open to all Mastermind Mamapreneur. It’s a place where we can get together, work on our businesses, encourage one another, and generally support other women in the workplace. To gain access all you have to do is visit the group and request access. You will be approved the next time myself or my assistant access the group.

I would love to have worksheets on ______ topic, can you create some?

  • I would love to add topics that you are interested in into my “to be developed” list, although I can’t guarantee how quickly you will see them rolled out into the shop. You can fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form for a ‘Product Request’ with the information and I can add it to my list. If you would like to personally pay a custom design fee to get worksheets on this topic developed quickly, please fill out the form for a ‘Custom Order.’

I want to use sets of your worksheets in a group setting. Can I just make copies of the set that I purchased?

  • The license included with the purchase of your order from the Tales of a Peanut shop is only for personal use. This means that you can not copy them, email them, share or distribute them in any way to anyone other than yourself. Each person that uses the worksheets must have purchased their own license. However, if you are the organizer of a conference or group and would like to implement the worksheets into this setting, please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form and select ‘Wholesale Request’ and I can discuss wholesale/group pricing.

I came to your shop to order invitations and stationery and don’t see them anymore! Can I still order them?

  • Tales of a Peanut has adjusted over the past few years into a direction of serving mothers who are also in the working world. However, I am still more than happy to work individually with orders for stationery, invitations, and custom gifts. To receive pricing and availability for this type of product, please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form and select ‘Paper and Gifts Order’ from the menu. I will get back to you within 1 business day and provide you with current pricing and availability. You may view past and current catalogs on the Tales of a Peanut Catalog page to see examples of products and designs that are available.

Where did all of the kids products go?

  • To simplify the Tales of a Peanut shop and make it easier for mama’s to find gifts for their children, miniPeanuts was created as a division of Tales of a Peanut for kids. All products for children including placemats, plates, stationery, and wall art are now available for purchase on Etsy in the miniPeanuts store.

Who do you use to produce your products?

  • Designers go through a lot of research and trial and error to find printers and production companies to produce their products. This can involve vast quantities of time and money. I offer 30 minute consultations for others who would like access to the things that I have learned in my years in the stationery and gift industry as well as names of suppliers that I use. Please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form and select ‘Consulting’ to receiving pricing and availability for this service.

Are my invitations going to look like I printed them myself?

  • No. I use professional printers that work on commercial machines. Depending on the specs of the project I have a few different printers that I typically work with. All have been in business for years and have large, successful client bases.

What if I want to work with you but don’t see something that I’m wanting in your shop?

  • Please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form with your request. You will receive pricing and availability within 1 business day. Custom designs are my favorite to work on and I’m happy to help you create a design to fit your needs. Please be advised that custom designs may take just a little bit longer to produce, so please allow extra time to get them completed.

What if I want a different type of paper?

  • Our typical paper used is a 100# uncoated white stock. It is smooth and thick and holds digital printing very well. I also can offer additional paper options such as linen, pearl, felt, or Savoy Cotton. If you are interested in one of these additional paper choices, please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form for pricing and availability.

What if I need a gift or printed item in a hurry?

  • I understand that sometimes you don’t realize that you need something until you need it immediately. I will do everything in my power to accommodate orders that need to be rushed. However, since I do print with a professional printer, there is often at least a 24-48 hour turnaround time between proof approval and when paper products are ready to ship. Our standard shipping is USPS First Class Mail but if you need your item sooner, I am happy to offer Priority Mail shipping, UPS shipping, or FedEx shipping for an additional fee. If you need expedited shipping on your gift or printed item, please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form for a cost estimate within 1 business day.
  • Tales of a Peanut does not keep a large quantity of stock on hand since almost all of the products are personalized. Turnaround time for some of our gifts (such as melamine plates) can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks before I receive them to ship. There is a rush fee of $25 or more per plate to rush these items which can cut the time to receive them down significantly. Please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form for a cost estimate within 1 business day.
  • Other gift items such as placemats and lunch boxes are also professionally created and may take at least 4-5 days before arriving after proof approval.

Why should I use Tales of a Peanut instead of another online print company?

  • As a small business owner I do all of the design work for our beautiful items myself. This means that I can customize my designs and create a whole new design just for you. We can customize an item to your specifications with your preferred font, colors, text, and layout so that your product is just the way you want it.
  • By shopping with Tales of a Peanut, you’re supporting a mama who is working to help provide for her family. 10% of all proceeds are given to the church. I also started a program in January of 2016 where 10% of the proceeds from sales of each month are given to a charity. This program is called #TOAPGivesBack. Tales of a Peanut is passionate about giving back!

What if I want to carry your products in my store?

  • I am currently working on a wholesale line for Tales of a Peanut. I currently do not have that product catalog available at this time. However, I would love for you to carry Tales of a Peanut gifts in your store. Please fill out the Contact Tales of a Peanut form with information about your store and what you’re interested in carrying and I will get with you on pricing and availability.

Still have questions?

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