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When the balance between work and life seemed impossible, she turned to the little wooden box given to her by her mother.

“When you’re looking for answers, open this.”

As she rummaged through it, thinking how foolish it was to look for answers in an old box, an envelope caught her eye. “Open When You Wonder if You’re Parenting Right” was eloquently scrolled on the front.

She carefully opened the envelope.

Inside, a simple block of text read, “Doing the best you can is more than enough. You are amazing and a wonderful mother.”

For that moment, it was like time stood still. She couldn’t help but to smile.

Tucking the card back into its luxurious envelope, she gently placed it back into the old, withered box.

Her mother always knew how to say the right words at the right time.

Whether you want to instill value and tradition or give meaningful advice to your loved ones, look no further.

Handwritten Heritage is all about capturing and preserving your stories. For generations to come, your words, your ideals, and your legacy will be a gift for everyone who reads it.

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With every loop in your scrawl, every word that you write, you leave your mark on this world. Your handwriting is a piece of you that is unique and can not be replicated. It sets you apart from the masses and is a piece of you that is treasured by your loved ones.

Handwritten Heritage exists to encourage you to share your authentic self with those around you. Whether you are writing letters for your children to read as adults or for your spouse to read tomorrow, your letters will enable you to connect in a way that is rare in this digital world.

Prompted pages in each Handwritten Heritage set give you a starting point to share your thoughts, fears, advice, and experiences with those you love. No one else has lived your story or has the insight that you have. By sharing your story and writing your love on every page, you will create a heirloom that will be treasured for years, decades, and generations to come.

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Each Handwritten Heritage full set comes packaged in a white stationery box with a clear lid. This box is ideal to store your written and unwritten letters in for safekeeping. It can also be used to present the letters to the recipient at a later date.

Stationery in the Handwritten Heritage sets include unique prompts developed by Tales of a Peanut to assist you in your writing. Each Handwritten Heritage set encompasses a different topic, allowing you to delve into the smaller thoughts of an occasion or time period to record everything that you want to share.

Full sets come with 14 different prompted stationery sheets and coordinating envelopes. This means that there is a different prompt for you to write about on the top of each page. There is also an envelope to go along with each prompt so that you can seal the letter and your loved one will know exactly when they should open the letter in the future.

Handwritten Heritage stationery is printed on luxurious stock that is acid-free with archival properties so that it will last a lifetime. Our stock is also FSC certified meaning that it meets the mark of responsible forestry. The stock is also manufactured with 100% renewable green electricity. We chose this stock not only for its thickness and quality, but also because it is manufactured in the United States making this a product that is wholly made in the USA.


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