Tales of a Peanut Mission

The Mission of Tales of a Peanut

I see Tales of a Peanut as a way to encourage mothers who are struggling, like me, to find the grace and joy in the balance between children and career. The pressures put on women today, in particular, women who work in some fashion, are immense and I want to equip women to rise above their fears, guilt, and overwhelm to succeed and find grace in both areas.


Tales of a Peanut Values

The Values of Tales of a Peanut

There are a few things that I feel called to establish as the core values of Tales of a Peanut. These are:

Faith in Christ is vital to everyday living
Christ is the center of this company and of those leading it. TOAP will not be shy about its beliefs and prays often for God to use it for his good. TOAP is committed to encouraging and strengthening the faith of others through example, encouragement, and products. TOAP does welcome all to its community but does so without apology that a good portion of the content will include references to the Christian faith.

Family is the top priority
A strong family is integral to the success of an individual and TOAP strives to put in place practices and products that encourage placing a priority on family life. TOAP creates products and content that encourages mothers to prioritize their families while also succeeding in their business and believes that the both can achieve that only by looking through a lens of grace at both areas.

Be truthful and encouraging at all times
Tales of a Peanut is committed to being truthful in all circumstances. TOAP strives to daily encourage women through honest and uplifting content and products that enrich lives.

Support mothers with useful, encouraging, and practical ideas and products
A priority is placed on the education and encouragement of mothers. All content, products, and messages will be beneficial to these women and will help them grow in their personal and professional lives.

Give generously of praise, financial gifts, encouragement, and advice
Tales of a Peanut generously gives in any way it can to individuals, companies, and causes that align with our core values. Through daily actions, financial contributions, verbal support, and useful content Tales of a Peanut is committed to be open-handed with all the resources that it has been given.