You’re a mom. You’re also a businesswoman.

You’ve started a business and you want it to be successful. You are excited to create something that people love and you are so proud that you’re starting to provide financially for your family.

You’re dedicated, ambitious, and excited to be a business owner as well as the family taxi, resident chef, and master snuggler.

You’re also anxious at the amount of time your business is taking up,  pulling you away from your family. You’re overwhelmed with trying to be a top-notch Mom while also getting your business to grow and succeed.

You know you can’t do it all but you don’t see how to grow your business in the time that you have available without sacrificing your family time.


The women that I work with are excited about helping others yet are frustrated by administrative tasks that take up their limited work time.

I help these women automate, outsource, and put in place systems so they can do the work they love, get paid for it, and still have time for their family.

My journey to this point has not been straightforward.

I graduated college with an engineering degree in Computer Science and worked in a corporate environment for a few years before having my first child. But I had always dreamed of being the one who ran carpools, made lunches, and spent snuggly mornings on the couch. So when the opportunity presented itself to become a stay at home mom, I grabbed it.

Little did I know how isolated this would make me. I am an introvert and staying at home the majority of the time with my daughter left me feeling lonely and in desperate need of adult conversation during the day. I began to explore the online world of blogging and design and found many moms who were pursuing their passions while also staying home with their children.

I wanted to do the same.

My mamapreneur beginning.

Four years ago I started a stationery company called Tales of a Peanut. I saw it as a way to combine my love of paper with my passion for designing custom products that helped celebrate a milestone in a child’s life. All while being the primary caregiver for my children at home.

I dove headfirst into graphic design, stationery groups, and started a store on Etsy. While I loved designing the products and filling the orders, I found that the more orders that came in, the more stressed out I was about the work.

I was single handedly doing all the tasks in my business and I was doing them all manually.

Quickly it got to a point where I could look around my office and see a huge stack of invoices, receipts, and files that I hadn’t entered into my bookkeeping system (which at this point meant typing it into Excel). And despite the fact that I was a stay at home mom my kids were spending way too much time watching tv while I designed invitations for other people’s kids.

I was drowning and all I knew was that this was not the business I envisioned for myself when I started down this road.

My schedule was no longer my own but was set based on how many orders came in from Etsy. I was doing design work when I wanted to be snuggling on the couch reading books to my kids. And I was putting administrative tasks on the back burner until I had to spend a whole day trying to make sense of them all.

I had no routine planned, no systems in place to manage any of the work, and I was missing out on the time when my kids were little.

I sat down one day to figure out how I could get my business under control. And after tons of brainstorming, writing lots and lots of lists, and pinning way too many articles on how to time block to Pinterest, I came to a realization.

I was not a fly by the seat of my pants person and yet that’s how I was running my business. And it was stressing me out!

I literally have a college degree in logical thinking but I was ignoring everything I had learned and it was making a mess of my life.

My new normal.

I began to time block and make a point to do certain tasks at certain times during certain days. I started scheduling my weeks in 30 minute increments and making sure to set aside the time that I wanted to spend with my family first so I knew that it took priority over work. And I adjusted my expectations for how much I could get done in my limited work time and figured out ways that I could work smarter and faster within the time that I had.

With my new schedule in place I set limits on the hours where I would respond to conversations on Etsy and set up an autoresponder on my email to manage my clients expectations of when they would receive a return email. I began to work in a batch mode where I did all of my design work one day and all of my packaging and shipping on another day. And I used online automation tools and hired a virtual assistant to get the tasks that were making me miserable off my plate!

As I talked about the changes I was making in my business with other moms who ran their own businesses I started spending more time developing tools that these women could use and less time designing stationery.

My type-A, engineering- trained brain was able look at a mama’s business and see a logical way forward when she was simply too overwhelmed with trying to keep all her balls in the air to know what she should do nex

Helping moms in business enjoy their kids and their business again was my passion. And I was great at it.

Today, I help moms in business go from overwhelmed to in control by isolating areas in their business where they want or need help and implement ways to handle those tasks better. I then show them how I modified my workflow in my stationery business to produce better results in less time as well as help them create a logical path forward so they feel in control and not like they’re constantly putting out fires.

And while I help others I also control my schedule in such a way that my family priorities are always scheduled first and I fit my work time around my family instead of fitting my family around my work. And with a logical plan in place to manage my workload I am able to keep my expectations on my productivity realistic and attainable.

I get to not only grow a business I’m passionate about, but do it in such a way that it leaves me with the freedom to attend school field trips, snuggle on the couch with favorite books, and be the kind of mom that I want for my children.

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