Hi, I’m Jenn Elwell. I work with moms like you who want to spend time snuggling with your kids while also growing your business.

The only problem is you are short on time and know that you can’t do it all by yourself. You’re determined to make your business succeed but don’t want to sacrifice your time with your family to make it happen.

It’s time you learned how to outsource and automate the tasks that you don’t love and don’t have time for. When we are done you will go from feeling as if you’re just getting by to doing the work you love, getting paid for it, and still having time for your family.

My journey to this point has not been straightforward.

I graduated college with an engineering degree in Computer Science and worked in a corporate environment for a few years before having my first child. But I had always dreamed of being the one who ran carpools, made lunches, and spent snuggly mornings on the couch with my kids. So when the opportunity presented itself to become a stay at home mom, I grabbed it.

While I enjoyed spending all day with my daughter, I was craving more. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and use my talents to make a difference in the lives of women like me. I began to explore the online world of blogging and design and found many moms who were pursuing their passions while also staying home with their children.

After flying by the seat of my pants in my business I began to time block and make a point to do certain tasks at certain times during certain days. I adjusted my expectations for how much I could get done in my limited work time and figured out ways that I could work smarter and faster within the time that I had.

As I talked about the ways I was juggling my business and still having time to enjoy my children with other mamapreneurs, I started spending more time developing tools that these women could use and spent less time designing stationery.

My type-A, engineering-trained brain was able to look at a mama’s business and see a logical way forward when she was simply too overwhelmed with trying to keep all her balls in the air to know what she should do next.

I found my passion: Helping moms in business enjoy their kids and their business again. And I’m great at it.

Today, I help moms like you go from overwhelmed to in control by uncovering areas in your business where you want or need help and implement ways to handle those tasks better. I then show you how I modified my workflow in my stationery business to produce better results in less time as well as help you create a logical path forward so you feel in control and not like you’re constantly putting out fires.

Your business will be successful when you learn to do the same. You can control your schedule in such a way that your family priorities are always scheduled first and you fit your work time around your family instead of fitting your family around your work. And with a logical plan in place to manage your workload, you’ll be able to keep your expectations of your productivity realistic and attainable.

You’ll get to not only grow a business you’re passionate about, but do it in such a way that it leaves you with the freedom to attend school field trips, snuggle on the couch with favorite books, and be the kind of mom that you want for my children. 

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