I work with female entrepreneurs like you who want to succeed in business while also enjoying their life.

The only problem is you are short on time and know that you can’t do it all by yourself. You’re determined to make your business succeed but don’t want to sacrifice your time with your family to make it happen.

I help female entrepreneurs like you go from confused on how to connect with their clients to confident by fine-tuning their copy, content, and marketing. When we are done you will go from feeling as if you’re just getting by to doing the work you love quicker and easier with more confidence in yourself and what you are seeking.

Do you

  • Find yourself frustrated with writing copy for your website, products, and services that connect with your client without leaving you feeling icky
  • Constantly feel overwhelmed with creating content on the fly because you don’t have a clear plan
  • Find yourself overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list and feel like you’re working all the time instead of enjoying your family
  • Find yourself uncomfortable with your website and copy and worry that it turns clients away instead of drawing them in

Imagine how good it will feel to have a website that you’re proud of, aren’t working all the time and feeling like you’re never getting ahead, and know you are reaching your ideal clients.

That’s where I come in.

Services I offer:

  • Copy coaching
  • Website audit
  • Product listing copywriting
  • Content copyediting
  • Content strategy
  • Ideal client analysis and Facebook audience customization
  • Marketing strategy

Interested in working with me? Email me to receive information on my availability and services.