Yesterday I went and “nested” at Mom and Dad’s.  I was horrified last week at all of the junk that I had sitting up in their attic so, once I got our house in working order I was determined that I was going to clean all my stuff up from their house!  I gathered 5 big black trash bags full of trash and feel like I got a lot accomplished!  Two big plastic bins from the attic are now empty!  It was quite funny some of the things I found.  I wish I’d taken my camera over so that I could document but you’ll just have to get by with my description.  Here are some random items that I came across:

– My cheerleading pom poms from middle school were in a separate box from my cheerleading pom poms from high school.  I put the ones from middle school into a “dress up” box for Charlotte because I thought she might like them and tossed the high school ones.  The dress up box now includes my Mom’s cheerleading uniforms from high school and my middle school pom poms.  As a note, our school colors were very much NOT the same and so if my daughter ever dresses up like a cheerleader in those outfits she will look very much un-color coordinated!
– A poetry booklet that I created for an assignment in 7th grade English.  Let me tell you, they were BAD!!  And they weren’t even real poems! One of them was entitled “I Wish” and was a collection of statements that I Wished would come true!  I honestly think that one of the lines was “I wish I could go shopping this afternoon”.  What kind of poetry is that??!! 🙂
– A calendar from middle school in which I misspelled Choir every week when I wrote down that I had “Chior” practice every Wednesday night at church.  Mom, how you must have laughed to yourself when you saw that!  I was dying with laughter yesterday afternoon!
– A collection of People magazines that I apparently deemed important.  Like the one with Brad Pitt on the cover.  I’m not sure why that was so newsworthy but I apparently felt like it was.
And there was the most hilarious thing that I found all afternoon.  When I was little I went to this Young Author’s Conference every year.  Yes, I was nerdy in elementary school, I am still nerdy, I’ve accepted my nerdiness.  I think the conference was even over the summer.  What normal child voluntarily goes back to school in the summer to work on writing?!?! I have no idea, all I know is that I remember loving it.  This couple who wrote and illustrated the best children’s books were always there and would always sign their books for us.  I found the signed copies yesterday but left them at Mom and Dad’s so that Charlotte can’t mess than up any more than Charlie and I already have, but, in case anyone wants a birthday idea, Charlotte would LOVE her own copy of any of the Wood’s books.  
Sorry, I’m getting off track.  Anyway, so you had to write your own book to take to the young author’s conference and I found mine yesterday.  Let me tell you about some masterpiece’s.  I made Jason read them last night since he was making fun of me for going to the young author’s conferences and we were literally crying we were laughing so hard.  I was afraid Charlotte might make her appearance last night but thankfully I was able to calm down.  I not only wrote these books, but I illustrated them.  And my illustrations are priceless!  In one there is a tree floating in the air.  I’m laughing just thinking of them.  Here’s a picture of their covers:
The best one in all actuality is Felicity Filly.  This book details the dreams of a carousel horse to leave the carousel.  I mean, that’s high quality fiction there.  And I was seven when I wrote it.  The saddest books were the two I wrote in third grade.  They weren’t even close to the quality of Felicity Filly.  I mean, the name pretty much sums it up.  One of them is called Selifieous the Snail.  Selifieous?!?! Really?!?! At least I have proof that I was an imaginative child!!  Jason told me that my writing skills regressed as I got older.  I prefer to think that I just thought outside of the box more and my writing is above his lowly comprehension.  But, I know I’m just kidding myself.  They were pretty bad!  
So all in all it was a pretty hilarious day.  I apparently motivated Mom to clean out some old things in the attic though and she found the real treasures.  Baby clothes that Charlie and I wore!  Don’t worry, not the same things, she found my baby clothes and Charlie’s baby clothes.  Some absolutely beautiful Feltman Brothers dresses and these gorgeous blankets.  I can’t wait to play dress up with Charlotte in them!  Look at some of the beautiful things that I got to bring home.

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    The Ball Family
    March 10, 2009 at 1:15 am

    How special!! That is so great that your mom saved those dresses!

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