I’m still packing but with the move in homes we’re going to move blog addresses. We want to protect Charlotte’s privacy and feel like removing our last name will afford us a little more security. I’ll still be posting about our family and including pictures, we just won’t be using our last name and possibly not our first names (you know, like MckMama? Only I can’t come up with something that clever).

The blog won’t be private so anyone can read it but I am not going to just post the new blog address because I want to limit the people that know our last name to people that I know in life or in blog world. So, in order to make sure everyone who wants to continue following us can, I’m going to ask you to leave me a comment with your email address (so that I can email you the new address) along with your blog if you have one or a little about yourself if you don’t. Like I said, anyone is welcome, I would just like to know who I’m giving the address to.

I’m going to make the comments private so the comments won’t be published so don’t worry about your private information becoming public. I look forward to continuing our “bloggy” friendship as we move to this new blog!

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