Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Roll Tide! We’ve been back at the condo for a few minutes after the game and I’m just now warming up. Thankfully, the Tide rolled tonight and we beat Mississippi State. The game was a lot of fun despite the bitter cold and the rain. It drizzled for maybe 10-15 minutes during the first half. Talk about no fun! But then it stopped and we kept winning so that made it all ok. I’m so glad that it’s finally cool weather. Living in the South we get so little time with really cold weather that it’s nice when it starts. Of course, I’m sure I’ll tire of it shortly but it’s still fun right now.

In baby news I’m starting to show just a little. Yesterday, when I worked in the office, my coworkers were loving my little baby bump. Just in the past few days it’s started to get noticeable. Still not very large, if you didn’t know I was pregnant you’d just think I have had too many cookies, but it’s there which is exciting for us! We go back to the doctor on Monday for our next check up and I’m excited to hear baby’s heartbeat again.

Be on the lookout for a link to a pool for everyone to vote on baby’s sex, birthday, weight, length, etc. I’m planning on putting it up this week. I’ll be interested to see what everyone thinks baby is. We’ve found ourselves referring to baby as “he” today so I’m counting down until January.

Posting is pretty sparse right now because I’m trying to get my house ready for my Sunday School Progressive Dinner next weekend. Sorry about that, I’ll try and post more. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something special to do this Christmas for those men and women serving our nation overseas, go check out Big Mama’s post today about the “Dear Army Family” program. We’ll definitely be participating.

Have a good rest of the weekend! Roll Tide! 🙂

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