What’s a girl to do??

Pregnancy has been really a great and wonderful thing for me. I wanted to be pregnant for so long that when we finally got pregnant it was such a joy and relief. I was sooo blessed to just have nausea and not actual sickness in the beginning. And Zofran was my friend and even took that away! All in all this pregnancy has been so much fun! I’m to the point now where people aren’t afraid to ask when I’m due because I’m definitely pregnant. Thankfully no one has tried rubbing my belly lately so I haven’t had to hurt anyone yet but I’m sure that day is coming!

One of the things that I’m getting the biggest kick out of is my ever changing state of emotions. One day I’m hyper and giggling and cracking up over the smallest thing. Like the other night Jason and I spent probably 5 minutes laughing at Luca because he walked around in a circle at least 10 times each way (clockwise and counter clockwise) before he settled down to go to sleep. And then the next day for no reason I’m feeling blah and down and things just feel yucky. But then maybe later in the afternoon I’m feeling great again. It’s just so back and forth!

Tonight was the last night of auditions for American Idol. We had never watched the show until last season when Kelly and Tripp talked us in to starting. And then, like all of our other tv shows, we got rather obsessed. But this season I’ve decided that pregnant (or overly emotional people) probably shouldn’t watch the show. I mean, I’ve been getting upset for these poor people who are HORRIBLE on the show! I’ll get all teary because Simon tells this girl that she sounds like a cat! And now I’m laughing just thinking about it, but really, you think about that poor girl and her momma and just feel bad for her!

Such a range of emotions. Kind of like this post…all over the place! I’d love to hear about your pregnancy (or general) melt-downs so that I don’t feel so crazy!

And if you ever have a blah kind of day you should read Sophie’s (aka Boo Mama) post over at All-Access. It will help you recover from those rainy days!

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    Tripp and Kelly Dixon
    January 30, 2009 at 4:09 am

    Jennifer, you are so funny! Tearing up over American Idol — you are definitely pregnant. Just don’t start watching the Biggest Loser. I cry every time I watch it even when I am not pregnant!

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