Packing and Procrastination

Since I’m procrastinating packing because I am SO OVERWHELMED but what we still have to do let me update you.

This week Charlotte, Mom, and I went to Tuscaloosa so that I could turn in my equipment at work and officially become a stay at home Mom. I am so thankful that I am getting this opportunity.

We also had the inspection done on our new house and it went really well. The only things that the inspector found were itty bitty things that are easily fixable. So now there is nothing stopping us from closing on the house on the 10th! Yay!

The inspection was done on our current house for our buyers on Thursday and we got those results yesterday. They weren’t as good as the results on the house we’re buying but were still decent. We’re in the process of getting someone out to give us an estimate on the things they asked us to fix before we respond to the request. It really frustrated me yesterday when we got the report because some of the stuff that they asked us to fix are the same things that we DIDN’T ask the people that we’re buying the house from to fix because they were so little. But, I guess it’s their prerogative to ask us to fix anything that they feel like we should fix and we just have to figure out how much we want to put in to the fixes. Hopefully we’ll get that all resolved this weekend and early next week so that there won’t be anything to stop us from closing on this house.

Last night Charlotte slept in her crib in her room all night! She did really good considering it was her first night in there by herself. She woke me up tossing and turning around 2 but I don’t think she was even awake, I think I was just super sensitive to the monitor. And then she did wake up a few times before it was actually time to get up but Jason was able to get her back to sleep with not much effort.

Ok, I have to get back to packing. If anyone has any great packing tips please pass them on to me! Like I said, I’ve packed all of the easy stuff now and am now packing breakable things, odd shaped things, etc and I’m just overwhelmed about what has to get done in one week’s time! And the picture above was at the going away party for my cousin who is in training now but will be going to Brazil for mission work for TWO YEARS this fall. I’ll post more about her later so that y’all can begin praying for her. Have a good day! I hope yours is more productive than mine has been so far! 🙂

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    August 1, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    You’d think with all of the moving I’ve done that I would have lots of tips, but I have none. I’m probably one of the worst packers known to man.

    I pretty much just throw things in rubbermaid tubs or bags. Thankfully I don’t really have many breakables!

    Love the procrastination picture of the family!

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