Last night we had the pleasure of getting together with friends to celebrate our friend, Tripp’s, 30th birthday with a surprise party.  Tripp’s birthday is actually on May 31st so he was definitely NOT expecting a surprise party and Kelly had been working for months to make sure he was surprised.  Seeing his face when he walked in was priceless.

We celebrated with another set of friends, Travis and Jenni, and Kelly and Tripp’s parents and siblings.  We were honored to be included in such a special celebration! 
The party was held in an intimate wine cellar below a restaurant downtown.  The location was perfect because it was a unique atmosphere and it felt very intimate because we were all seated at one long table.  We first enjoyed some fantastic appetizers — crawfish balls, tempura shrimp, and a few others.  I wish I had taken pictures to show you how good they were because they were fantastic!  Once Kelly and Tripp arrived we sat down to enjoy our meal.  Kelly had even arranged for custom menu’s for Tripp’s birthday giving us our dinner options and announcing that for dessert we would be enjoying Tripp’s birthday cake and ice cream!  No detail was overlooked.
Kelly and her sweet, and beautiful, mom
Kelly and her Daddy
Kelly was the best party planner!
We enjoyed our night out celebrating Tripp!
One of my favorite parts of the night was after we had ordered when Tripp’s Dad and then Kelly’s Dad toasted Tripp.  Their toasts were sweet and funny and showed how much they love Tripp and Kelly.  It was so touching to be able to hear them talk about Tripp.  While we already knew he was a great guy it really touched my heart to see these thoughts verbalized from his Dad and father-in-law.  So sweet!
After our wonderful dinner and a recounting of our favorite Tripp stories (I seriously think he might make some of them up because I don’t think it’s possible for someone to have all of the unbelievable stories happen to one person that Tripp claims have all happened to him!) the cake was brought out.  It was great! A golf course design celebrating Tripp’s love of golf and showing that he is turning 30.  The only thing funny about the cake was that the golfer had a cigar in his mouth and Tripp definitely doesn’t smoke!
Another great moment of the night was when Tripp got to Kelly’s present.  A new Macbook!  He was so shocked and so excited!
Overall, it was one of the most fun and special birthday parties that I’ve ever been too.  We are so thankful that we got to share in it with Kelly and Tripp’s families.  Thank you so much Kelly for including us.  Happy Birthday Tripp! We’ll look forward to celebrating a little more low key at the end of the month when you actually turn 30!

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