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Recipe Wednesday – Birthday Menu

I often have a hard time coming up with complete menu’s.  So I thought I’d share our menu for James’ birthday dinner.  We had around 20 family members and ended up with just enough food.  Next time I’ll make more because I would much rather have too much than not enough!

James’ First Birthday Dinner

Two recipes of Crock Pot Barbecue
(with buns — both slider size and regular size)
(I accidentally got beef instead of pork but Jason claimed that it tasted fine.  I would make sure that you get close to 5 lb roasts if possible, because mine were closer to 4 and we didn’t have quite enough.)
Large bowl of cut fruit
One recipe of Broccoli Salad

One recipe of Corn Casserole
(So, so, so good! Should have had at least two recipes of this!)

One recipe of Slim Potato Casserole
(this was a little bland but at the same time too peppery — it could have used a lot more cheese!)

One recipe of Arkansas Green Beans
(Jason said that these were the best green beans that he’s ever had.  I would have to agree.  They were out of this world!)

Strawberry Birthday Cake

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