Santa Claus is coming to town!

On Tuesday we met up with Kelly, Tripp, and Caroline to meet Santa! We went to Santa’s Village together last year and decided to enhance the tradition by eating Supper with Santa before going to Santa’s Village this year.  We weren’t sure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised to find a seat just for Santa at our table!  Although neither Charlotte or Caroline were really looking forward to meeting Santa once he got there (and they were safely secured in their parent’s laps) I think they enjoyed talking to him!

Charlotte sat like a big girl in a chair by herself because I didn’t see booster seats until we were leaving.  She did great though and entertained herself coloring until Santa came along!

Can you tell that she’s leaning as far back as she can and I’m holding her forward with my arm?? No? Well, now you know!

A fairly decent picture with the big guy! After he left she kept getting excited when she would see him and would shout “Ho! Ho! Ho!” so we thought maybe she was warming to him.  Jason took her up to see him again….

but the results were no better.  She vehemently shook her head no when we suggested that she let Santa hold her.  Oh well, we’ll try again later!

We then got dressed in our warmest layers to head outside to Santa’s Village.  I’m thankful that Charlotte is all about mittens right now because it was cold outside! And she wore her bunny hat without complaint too!

Our first stop was Santa’s Workshop for a display of old-timey toys and…

making her own Christmas tree!

We then checked out the reindeer.  Can you see her smile? She loved them!

And then had the two cutest girls in the place posing as a Christmas tree!

Then it was time to be a snowman but C wasn’t a fan at all!

Obviously she disliked this Santa more than when she saw him the first time, must have been the wardrobe change!
She did perk up when he offerred her a candy cane though!

And once we left Santa’s presence she was happy to show off her candy cane to everyone!

A sweet Daddy/Daughter picture.  Now that she’s gotten so heavy Jason gets most of the carrying duty for long time periods!

We then went in to write Charlotte’s letter to Santa!

And this was as we were leaving.  Charlotte really did enjoy herself even though she looks really sleepy in this picture!  We skipped out on making a cookie because I wasn’t feeling great and I figured C wasn’t really paying attention and wouldn’t care.  Wouldn’t you know as soon as we got out of the area so that we couldn’t go back in she started asking for her cookie.  Of course! Which is why when we got home she got treated to her first Oreo!

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