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Backing up a few weeks, we headed down to Tuscaloosa on April 15th for A-Day weekend.  We had to dodge tornado’s on the way down then also, but they weren’t nearly as bad as the ones that just occurred.  We spent Friday night hanging out in the condo watching the weather but woke up Saturday ready for game day.

There are lots of great things about A-Day.  It’s more relaxed than actual games since there’s no pressure.  You’re guaranteed a win since you’re playing yourself.  You get a preview of what the team is going to be like next year.  And you get to go to a football game in April!  It hasn’t worked out for us to attend A-Day recently so we wanted to make the most of this trip, not in the least because this will probably be our last game until mid-season in the fall due to baby James’ arrival.

We put Charlotte down for an early and short nap so that we could head over before kick off.  She was pretty sleepy when we got her up so I was a little afraid of what the afternoon was going to hold but I was holding out hope that her love of football and Alabama would triumph over any tiredness — I was right!  She stood and sat in the chair the entire first half clapping and watching the game intently.  She was precious in her houndstooth dress and especially when she got in to the game.

One time when we kicked it off she noticed and held her hands out in front of her like she does when we play catch and shouted, “I get it! I get it!” thinking that she was going to catch the ball.  Another time we scored a touchdown and she started clapping along with the rest of the fans until the guy running the ball in fell in the end zone at which point she immediately stopped clapping, pointed, and said, “Uh oh!”  I think the sweet girl was really afraid that he was hurt!

Charlotte loved clapping along to the band and cheering for the team.  She especially loved the halftime show which had former players competing to see who could get the most points based on throwing to other former players at different intervals on the field.  In addition, they could score major points by aiming at Big Al who was riding on a golf cart back and forth across the field.  Charlotte has just recently become enthralled with Big Al and loved watching him on the field.  She laughed so hard when the guys kept hitting Big Al with their throws and he would wobble around like he was going to fall off!

We left after the halftime show so as to not push our luck but she did so good during the first half.  It was a handful to keep her happy and entertained and it made me very wary of trying with two kids in the fall, but I’m guessing (hoping) with a few more months on her she’ll be even easier at games in the fall.  I guess we’ll see if we are brave another to attempt it!

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    May 5, 2011 at 1:52 am

    This may be my favorite of all of Charlotte’s Alabama attire! Such a cute dress!

  2. Reply
    May 5, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    I LOVE her houndstooth dress!!! Where did you get it?

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