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When we sold our house and we chose to move the week after Thanksgiving, I knew it was going to be crazy.  What I didn’t anticipate was three out of the four of us getting ear infections and horrible colds that wouldn’t go away and for us to be sick the two to three weeks prior to the move.  I had planned to have everything done BEFORE Thanksgiving arrived so that we could spend time with our families and then a fun weekend in Tuscaloosa before moving, but due to our sicknesses none of that happened.

James came down with a case of croup and a double ear infection the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Since the viral croup infection wouldn’t be treated with antibiotics and would leave him contagious as long as he was coughing, and I was still coughing a large portion of the time, James and I had to forgo all of the Thanksgiving festivities.  Thankfully, I did get a yummy meal brought home for me on Thanksgiving night.  But spending the days and nights packing by myself, feeling awful, with a little one feeling awful, wasn’t exactly how I envisioned spending my Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, Charlotte had recovered enough that she wasn’t coughing anymore by Thanksgiving and she and Jason pulled off the best hat trick ever.  They made it to ALL FOUR sets of great-grandparents for Thanksgiving!  They didn’t eat at every one, but they spent a little time in each place.  If that’s not a Thanksgiving miracle I don’t know what is!  It meant a lot to me (and I know to my family), that Jason made sure to take her to both of my family gathering’s as well as his.  I’ve got a good man there and I know it!

Sadly, Jason was so busy getting he and Charlotte from place to place that he didn’t take any pictures but I got a few from the days surrounding Thanksgiving.

Despite the medical issues, I am still so thankful this year.  It has been a whirlwind of the last month but we are finally (mostly) settled in my parent’s house while our new house is being finished being built.  We are healthy enough to kick the infections that come our way eventually and are all together and safe.  We are so blessed and I am so thankful for our family and our friends and for our Lord who gives it all to us.

We hope that your Thanksgiving wasn’t as eventful as ours, but that you enjoyed it as much or more!  And we hope that it’s ushered in a season of thankfulness as we look ahead to the birth of our Savior on Christmas.

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