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And now after my big, long post on how I’m moving this blog to less of a recap of our lives, here is a recap of Easter weekend! ūüôā
We started our Easter weekend off with a little egg hunt at the clubhouse. ¬†Neither child was interested in the Easter Bunny but they were excited to hunt for some eggs! ¬†Charlotte discovered the fun of hiding and searching for Easter Eggs the week before Easter and couldn’t wait to do it on a bigger scale.

James had a blast picking up eggs!

I was glad that it was such a beautiful day, even if it was a little chilly!  We had a fun morning and then enjoyed a yummy brunch!
We woke up Sunday morning to a dreary and overcast day. ¬†But that didn’t diminish our excited that Jesus is Alive!

I have to say that I think these are the two best looking kiddo’s around. ¬†They looked so precious and so GROWN UP in their Easter best!

We headed to church and heard a great Sermon about how Easter can change us. ¬†Charlotte rejoiced that she got real food as snacks in Sunday School (raisins, bread, and “water that we pretended was wine” — we’re not in the Baptist church anymore! Ha!). ¬†And James rejoiced when we got him out of the nursery but was totally confused by the rain that we walked through to get to the car from church!

We hosted my Mom’s family for lunch after church and had a great time showing our family our new home and relaxing with everyone. ¬†We also enjoyed celebrating my Gramme’s birthday!

Even though the weather was more reminiscent of what I would expect Easter Saturday weather to be like, we still enjoyed celebrating Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday! ¬†We hope that you enjoyed a restful day as well!

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