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With Easter at the very end of my pregnancy it’s a miracle that I was able to do anything.  But we managed to have a wonderful weekend celebrating our Risen Savior.  We started the weekend with the traditional Easter Egg hunt.  James got in to it this year and Charlotte even found one of the few golden eggs that were hidden in the hunt leading to a goodie bag of prizes!

2014 Apr 19_0050_edited-1

2014 Apr 19_0056_edited-1

2014 Apr 19_0073_edited-1

2014 Apr 19_0077_edited-1

While James wanted nothing to do with the Easter Bunny (going so far as to making Mom take him inside when the Easter Bunny arrived), Charlotte was excited about taking a picture with him even before we arrived at the hunt.  And so, with no problems at all, she walked right up and jumped in his lap!

2014 Apr 19_0078_edited-1

Sunday morning dawned beautifully and both kids were excited about their Easter outfits.  Charlotte chose months ago to save the fanciest of the dresses that Mom had made for me when I was little for Easter and so we found a brown outfit for James in hopes that he would wear it since it was his favorite color.  Surprisingly enough, they both were thrilled to put on their outfits and I was thrilled with the way they went together and the pictures that I got before church!

2014 Apr 20_0006_edited-2

2014 Apr 20_0010_edited-1

2014 Apr 20_0012_edited-1



We tried to take some outside of church (I really wanted a family one) but the bright sun made everyone a little crabby so this was all that I got.  Although, I have to say that I love this picture.  It reminds me of this picture of Charlotte and I (the last picture in the post) that I have framed in my office.  It’s one of my favorites and I think this one needs to be framed next to it!

2014 Apr 20_0031_bw

After church we hopped in the car (or waddled as the case may be) and headed to Jason’s grandparents for lunch.  We did manage to get a family picture before the kids changed out of their church clothes and went to play.

2014 Apr 20_0040_edited-1

To say that the kids enjoyed their huge backyard would be an understatement.  And to say that GrandDavid, Daddy, and Uncle Kevin are glad to have a little boy to give them an excuse to play baseball in the backyard with again would be another understatement!

2014 Apr 20_0045_edited-1

Charlotte even taught Aunt Stefanie about “Frozen” and had her reenacting the movie!

2014 Apr 20_0047_edited-1


What a wonderful day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection!

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