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Friday Peanuts – Busy Busy Busy

Friday Peanuts

Well, every weekend I’m determined to catch up on the blog and every weekend I’m swamped and haven’t had time to do it. I’m going to try my hardest to catch up this weekend though! But if I don’t, know that I am still thinking of you!

In lieu of a meaningful post here’s some things I’ve been reading and thinking about this week.

Would Jesus Have Joined a Fraternity? – As a proud sorority girl I enjoyed this article and made me think about missed opportunities during my college years. But kudos for reminding us that stereotypes are not always true and we should be searching for ways to show Jesus’ love to others in all situations.

Siri Reads Kindle – If I was ever in the car by myself for an extended period of time this would be awesome! Those who have the luxury of driving by themselves…take advantage of this!

Center of the City Dress – Think this is too sparkly for our Christmas party?

The Ongoing After School Activity Dilemma – This is going to be a struggle as the kids get older. With three I can only imagined how crazy our lives are going to be with after school activities. This post has some good thoughts about considering what to do and things to consider when we’re signing them up. What’s right for our family might not be right for yours and vice versa but right now we’re trying to figure out what’s right for our family.

I’m Glad I’m Not The Same Guy Who Wrote Blue Like Jazz – I’ve never read the book and know nothing about Donald Miller but I liked this post and all that it says. People change and that should be our goal. To learn and grow into better people. Let’s not stifle others growth but embrace it and encourage it.

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Parents Who Don’t Allow Sleepovers – Not sure but I think I might be this parent…

Everything Etsy’s Deals of the Week – Tales of a Peanut has a discount code in there!

Best Events for Family Olympics – I want to have an Olympics! Any family or friends want to join us?!?!

Have a good weekend!


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