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H turns 8 (months)

HGE 8 months_2015 01 09_0004_edited-1Hadley girl,

It’s near impossible to believe that you are already eight months old. And my how you’ve grown this month! You’re moving and shaking all over the place and it’s all I can do to keep up. I love you sweet girl.

This month you switched from army crawling to real crawling. You look like one of those little crawling baby dolls because you’re so tiny and you move around with your little arms and legs just a going. You have gotten faster and faster and now we will sit you down and you’ll be across the room in no time.

You are also constantly talking and, we think, saying some real words with meaning. On the 18th we were reading bedtime books in the study and you were crawling on the floor. You crawled over to Daddy and looked up and it sounded like you said “Dada”. You don’t speak on command yet but it sure seems like you consistently say Dada so we’re counting it as your first word. Since then you often say “Hey” back to us and sometimes say “Bye.”

Food is still one of your favorite pastimes. You’re still nursing five times a day and eating two containers of baby food each day. The first time I fed you pears you weren’t a fan but you eat them now and everything else that I can feed you including garden vegetable, apple prune, pear pineapple.

Despite your large appetite you are still tiny. You seem big to me because you’re wearing 6-9 month clothes but when I see pictures of other babies you’re age it confirms what the doctor said at your last appointment, you’re tiny. But you’re perfectly proportioned and growing and eating so I assume you’ll just catch up in your toddlerhood like your brother and sister. You’re also still in size 2 diapers but are getting close to needing a size 3.

You are still a fantastic sleeper and are on the same schedule that you’ve been on for a while. Nowadays though you are very flexible on missing naps. If you miss one you are fine with just two although you’re happiest when you get all three. This is wonderful news and has made our lives so much easier since you are happy missing your morning nap to play in the nursery at church and can miss your later afternoon nap if we’re ferrying Charlotte around. You are truly a go with the flow baby at this point.

Not only are you crawling everywhere but this week you also pulled up to standing by yourself! We were picking up the playroom and James yelled “Hadley!” and I turned around and you were standing up holding up on a storage box. You watch Charlotte and James with envy in your eyes and I know that it won’t be long before you’re running around after them. I contemplated strapping a weight to your back to keep you still but I’m not sure that even that would work at this point. You are very determined to discover your world and master anything that stands in your way. Those will be very good traits when you get older.

Overall sweet girl, you are a joy and we are so blessed to be your parents. You love to cuddle in to my shoulder if I’m holding you and someone talks to you. You are generous with your toothless grins and giggle and babble often putting smiles on everyone’s faces. We love you so much!



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    January 9, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    Happy Eigth Months Sweet Hadley!
    We love you,
    Memma and Papa

  2. Reply
    January 10, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    Hadley, Happy Eight Months Birthday sweet girl!
    KayKay and GrandDavid

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