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Searching Out Santa

It’s an annual tradition in our family to head to Santa’s Village to see Santa. We like to go early in the season to avoid the crowds and to give Santa plenty of time to get those gifts made. The big kids were over the moon excited to see Santa this year which was a lot of fun. And Hadley didn’t seem to mind him either!



James wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap but he gave him a fist bump!

Santas Village_2014 12 03_0008_edited-1



We were the first in line to see Santa and went to explore the rest of the village after we’d met the big guy. Charlotte wrote out her Christmas list and then stuck it in Santa’s mailbox.

Santas Village_2014 12 03_0024_edited-1

Santas Village_2014 12 03_0028_edited-1

(If you can’t read it she asked for art storage, a dolphin baby, a Santa baby, and a Rudolph baby. I’m happy to say that Santa came through on all of those requests.)

Santas Village_2014 12 03_0039_edited-1

The kids were mesmerized watching the trains and loved seeing the singing and dancing penguins.

Christmas_2014 12 25_0005

Santas Village_2014 12 03_0015_edited-1

And Hadley was just happy to be there and that it was warm enough that she wasn’t all bundled up in her jacket!

Santas Village_2014 12 03_0036_edited-1

We ended our Santa’s Village night with our traditional feast at Commerce Kitchen.


Trips in previous years: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

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