5 Questions To Ask As You Plan Your New Year

This year is almost gone and as most of us wrap up our holiday orders and look to taking a few weeks of rest from our entrepreneurial adventures, we’re also looking to plan out 2017. On Sunday I was featured in a write up in the local paper (I’ll share if it comes up online). As a part of that I decided to create a list of questions that I think we should consider before or as we are planning our new year.

5 Questions To Ask As You Plan Your New Year - Jenn Elwell

As mamapreneurs it does us no good to start planning our next year without giving some thought to what we want our year to look like. We can set big goals and not have a reasonable idea of how we’re going to achieve them or if they’re even possible for us to reach. While we all wish that tomorrow we’ll wake up and one of our posts has gone viral and we’re the hot new thing in our niche, the reality of that happening is slim and is not something that we should count on in order to achieve our goals.

Setting unrealistic goals and plans for the new year will only leave us disappointed when we don't meet them. Click To Tweet

We need to think about our available time, what our priorities are, and what have we already committed ourselves and our family to that is not flexible in 2017. Once we consider those things in-depth we can then begin to map out the time that we will be able to work ON our business and not IN our business to reach our goals. And that limited amount of time that we have as mamapreneurs to work on our business will determine which goals are realistic for us to meet and which ones are not.

5 Questions To Ask As You Plan Your New Year - Jenn Elwell

I encourage you to click on one of the images above or click here to download the five questions that you should ask as you plan your new year. They will help you visualize your schedule for the new year and help you gauge how much you should realistically strive for in 2017. Don’t downplay your strengths and abilities and aim too low but also don’t neglect to consider your time available and aim too high. Either of those actions will leave you disappointed at the end of 2017 instead of happy with the progress that you have made in your business.

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    Your site looks beautiful! Can’t believe I’m just now seeing it! Happy New Year

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