Happy Anniversary Carrie and Scott!

Happy Anniversary Carrie and Scott!

On this day, maybe 14 years ago, my aunt Carrie married my uncle Scott (he wasn’t my  uncle at the time, don’t worry).  There is not a time in my life that I don’t remember Scott being around at all family gatherings.  Carrie and Scott started dating in high school (like Jason and I and almost everyone else in my family) and got married right before Christmas.  Their wedding wasn’t the first one that I was in but it was the first that I remember because it was spectacular. 
My other oldest cousin, Anna, and I were Junior Bridesmaids in the wedding and we got to wear these beautiful green velvet dresses.  When I say it they don’t necessarily sound beautiful but the wedding party was gorgeous!  We had green velvet dresses, the bridesmaids had green velvet skirts and these pretty white (organza maybe?) tops.  Carrie’s dress was beautiful!  My little brother was the ring bearer…although the wedding planner refused to let him carry the real rings.  He was like seven! That’s another story altogether but I’m pretty sure that my family still very much dislikes that woman.  Which is why, at our wedding, Carrie and Scott’s son Sam definitely got to carry the real rings down the aisle.  I didn’t want to be resented for the rest of my life and I knew we could trust him!
Back to the real story, the wedding was right before Christmas with poinsettias and candles and Christmas tree’s in the sanctuary and the reception.  It really was beautiful.  If I had any pictures of the wedding here I’d post them (Carrie if you have any on your computer send them to me and I’ll post them to show everyone how pretty it was).  It was tons of fun and so special for me to get to play a part in their day.  Not only did I feel SUPER important but I got to see the beginnings of a beautiful marriage.
So, Congratulations Carrie and Scott! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary!  Thanks for setting such a great example of marriage!

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    December 11, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    Jennifer, you are so sweet! I can’t believe that you remembered that today is our anniversary! I’m very sorry that Charlie didn’t get to carry the “real” rings. I hope that he has forgiven us! You’re wedding was beautiful, too, and I know Sam and Abby will always remember it. Carrie

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