Baby Update

Just a quick update to say that we had a good doctor’s appointment yesterday.  I can’t believe that we’re already to 16 weeks!  Baby’s heartbeat was 142 which was down some from our last visits but is still perfectly normal.  I was pretty tired yesterday also so that could have had something to do with it.  We’ve scheduled our ultrasound for January 7th which means that there’s a little less than 4 weeks left to vote on Mo’s vital stats before we’ll close the poll!

In case you were worried I did get all the decorating done and I’m excited for Kelly, Caroline, and Tripp to come over tonight to finish up preparations for our Christmas Party tomorrow night.  I’ll post pictures on Monday as part of BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes.  Check out the logo on my sidebar to find out more about it and to participate! I’d love to see pictures of your homes during Christmas!
Have a great weekend!

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    Melissa B.
    December 14, 2008 at 2:29 am

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