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Since I’m in New York with my Mom, I thought I’d take a few minutes to let you in on some of my favorite blogs these days!  I read blogs in Google Reader and I can’t imagine doing it any other way.  I follow so many that I could never do it if I looked at them individually.  I’ll group these by my own categories but maybe you’ll find some new blogs that you like!  My right hand column also has a shortened list of “What I’m Reading in my Reader” if you want to check out some that I don’t list here!  FYI: These are in alphabetical order from my reader and I didn’t include some blogs of personal friends who might not want so many people checking them out!

Faith Blogs
1. Compassion Bloggers – This blog isn’t always running but when people go on trips with Compassion International (like their recent trip to Guatemala) they blog on this site.  The posts are so touching and remind me why it’s so important to sponsor children in underprivileged countries if you can.
2. Living Proof Ministries – Beth Moore’s blog with her daughter’s is poignant and relevant.  Their posts always make me think and provide inspiration. 
3. Stuff Christians Like – If you like satire then this is a great blog for you.  It proves that even Christian’s can poke fun of themselves and learn some while doing it!
4. Without Wax – Pete is a pastor in Nashville and if we lived there we would go to his church.  He’s an authentic leader and his daily posts have helped me in numerous ways.

Mom Blogs
1. Happily Ever After – Stephanie chronicles their life with a 17 month old and a baby a few weeks away from birth.  Her husband is a youth pastor and her posts about God and her family always touch me.
2. Baby Bangs – Amanda Moore Jones is hilarious and her tales of their family are great reminders to me that I’m not the only one struggling with motherhood.  She is honest and real and I love the way that she writes.  She also posts on her Mom’s Living Proof Ministries blog.
3. Cupcakes and Commentary – My friend has an awesome blog that showcases some wonderful ideas for cooking and crafts with your kids.  I told her she should write a book with all her ideas — I know that I would buy it! If you’re looking for inspiration for something to do with your kids this is a great blog to check out!
4. Life at Sonic Speed – I love Heather and her posts are wonderful.  Our daughter’s share the same birthday week and over the last year and a half we’ve gotten to be bloggy buddies (at least I think we have!).  She is so honest in her posts and she inspires me so much!
5. Lots of Scotts – Posts on this blog are funny as a Southern Mom chronicles her life with her kindergarten triplets.  But on top of that she also shares what she’s struggling with and what she’s learning from God which is so powerful for me.
6. The PigBear – My friend Erin writes about her life with her son and daughter.  Almost nothing is off limits and her stories always crack me up!

Cooking Blogs
1. Bakerella – Bakerella is famous for her cake pops and has a new book coming out about them.  While I haven’t been very adventurous in trying to make my own cake pops her posts inspire me and hopefully one day I’ll attempt them!
2. Pioneer Woman Cooking – Ree’s recipes are almost always exceptional and her unique style of photographing each step has helped me figure out exactly what I’m supposed to be doing as I learn more and more about cooking!

Home Decorating/Photography/Product Blogs
1. Aprons and Art – Amy and her sisters make aprons and art and sell them on their blog and their Etsy site.  These girls are wonderful women and their work reflects their great personalities. 
2. Nesting Place – The Nester is awesome and her ideas for decorating always inspire me!
3. Pioneer Woman Photography – If you’re interested in learning about your camera and how to take better pictures Ree and friends share all kinds of tips and tricks to help you out. 

Party Blogs
1. Birthday Girl – I love Birthday Girl and her blogs! She showcases real birthday parties and also shows idea boards that demonstrate how to pull a party together for a theme.  Her ideas are wonderful!
2. Save the Date for Cupcakes – Lots of pictures of dessert tables.  If you’re throwing a party and have a theme there is probably an example of that theme on this website!

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  1. Reply
    September 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Thanks for the mention, you are too kind! Now I have to keep coming up with crafts to post! HA!

  2. Reply
    September 17, 2010 at 3:14 am

    We are definitely blog buddies and you are TOO sweet to think of me!!! This means so much to me! In real life and on my blog I just try to be real and try to follow hard after what God wants for me and my life. The fact that people want to read my craziness is very humbling!!! 🙂 I love you and Charlotte and love our special mommy bond that we share with our daughters!! Hope you are having a great trip!

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