Charlotte, Friends

Around the Wheel

We got home early from Colorado and so we got to spend some time with Charlotte.  She wanted to go on a walk and so we set out for what was supposed to be a short walk.  But whenever we tried to get her to go  home she started yelling, “More walk! More walk!”  We eventually saw Dr. Mike, Matthew, and Megan on the course playing in their plastic ball.  The kids were inside the middle of this big, plastic ball that looked like a mouse wheel but for kids!  Dr. Mike was pushing them (inside the ball) down a small hill!  Charlotte was intrigued so we headed over to check it out.

Charlotte was enthralled with the ball and was soon playing along with the big kids.  Even though she wasn’t brave enough to get in it (and, truthfully, her Mommy didn’t want her to!) she enjoyed pushing it down the fairway!

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