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Happy Halloween!

We’ve been talking about Halloween since we found out in April that we were having a boy.  Honestly, probably before that because I’ve known all year that Charlotte should be Minnie and she heartily agreed. When we found out that James was on his way I decided that we’d have a Minnie and a Pluto and ordered the costumes.  We’ve been talking about it since then and Charlotte was so excited!
Then James arrived at a tiny 6 pounds and I knew that the the large 0-6 month costume that I had for him wasn’t going to work.  So I moved on to plan B and the Mickey onesie I had purchased for James because I knew Charlotte would like it.  So the plan then was Minnie and Mickey and we talked about it for a while and Charlotte was excited.
Halloween came and I fed James and got him dressed and then set about to put on Charlotte’s Minnie costume.  She hadn’t tried it on but had been looking at it for days and was so excited.  But when I started to put it on I found that the arm holes were too small and tight on her arms.  I took it off and modified it so that her arms would fit with no problems but when I went to put it back on her she resisted.  I couldn’t get her Minnie costume on at all!
For a few minutes she was refusing her Minnie costume or any other options that I suggested.  Ballerina, Fairy Princess Ballerina, Angel Ballerina, until I finally suggested cheerleader.  She latched on to that suggestion and wouldn’t let go.  Trying to hold out I told her that we would get dressed later, hoping I could convince her to put her Minnie dress on after I got James down.  I went ahead with my pictures of the two of them with James dressed and Charlotte not.  Even though they’re not Minnie and Mickey, they’re still cute!

My Little Mickey

After Jason got home from work we took Charlotte Trick or Treating.  Since it was pretty cold in our neck of the woods and was James’ nap time he didn’t get to make the trip.  Next year we’ll trick or treat as a family of four!

Charlotte had a lot of fun Trick or Treating.  For a little while that afternoon she had said that she didn’t want to go but she got over that and had fun.  It was chilly but she loved getting candy!  She especially loved the glow necklace that she got from Mrs Nancy!

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