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Between last summer and this summer our neighborhood playground got a major renovation.  Charlotte noticed it mid-winter when they finished everything up and started asking to go to the playground.  Our conversations usually went something like this:
C: You’ve GOT to take me to the playground!
Me: It’s too cold/wet/muddy to go today.  We’ll go soon.
Finally at the beginning of May Charlotte was tiring of this excuse and so I came up with the idea that we would go back for the first time on her birthday for a fun treat.  We had planned out our morning only to get up on the morning of her birthday to drizzle and sopping wet ground.  Charlotte took the plan change a lot more graciously than I anticipated and we were excited to see sunny skies the next day so that we could finally head to play.
James was content to hang out in the stroller and chew on the strap while Sissy played.  He’ll get a turn on the swings soon but for such a fair-skinned baby I like to keep him out of the sun as much as possible!

Charlotte ate up our time playing and loved swinging.  She started pumping her legs a little bit but hasn’t quite got the hang of it good enough to do it by herself yet.  I’m betting with more practice and more frequent swinging trips she’ll get it by the end of the summer.

She also loved going down the slide all by herself!  I love this picture even though you can’t see her face.  It would be perfect if her silly Momma hadn’t made her wear the hat to protect her sun and head.  The curse of very fair skin!

We were very impressed when Charlotte climbed up the rock wall and the ladder on the other side all by herself too.  It’s a little hard to sit behind her and let her do it without us holding on to her but we’re very proud that she’s brave enough to do it all by herself! She sure is growing up fast!

We went to the playground twice that week but now that its been a few weeks since we’ve been we’re back to the “You’ve GOT to take me to the playground” refrain.  I’m sure we’ll go again soon and it will tide her over for another few weeks!  It’s just so hot already that it’s hard to find time and energy to walk down there!

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