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As you might know I am associated with the group Compassion Bloggers.  There are lots of big names in the blog-world associated with this group (BigMama, BooMama, Angie Smith, The Pioneer Woman, Ann Voskamp…just to name a few) but all my being associated with it really means is that I feel like the ministry that Compassion does is important and I want to share their ministry with others.

During the month of September, Compassion is having a “blog month.”  They are working hard to get 3,108 children sponsored between the dates of September 1st and September 30th.  And they’re going to use their bloggers to help achieve that goal.  Every week during the month they will provide us with a topic to blog on (they provide us with most of the topics and information that we blog on throughout the year) and then sometime during that week I will blog about the topic and share the information with you.

There are a lot of reasons why I want to share this with you.  I know that some of you read my blog because you’re family and you like to keep up with the kids.  Or we’re friends or acquaintances and you want to see what our family is up to.  Or you’re someone that I know online or don’t know at all but, for some reason, you’ve connected with me and us and are keeping up with us.  I want anyone to be welcome here and don’t want to exclude anyone [except crazies…if you’re crazy please don’t read my blog (: ].  I know that some of you share my beliefs that Christ is my personal Savior and some don’t.  Some have money left over at the end of the month and some don’t.  Some feel called to use their extra money to support local ministries or some other organization.  And all of that is fine.  There is nothing saying that because you read at Tales of a Peanut that you have to support, believe in, or give money to Compassion.

Some of you might skip these posts.  Some might be frustrated because of all the Jesus talk.  Some might think that there are better places to spend your money.  But for some of you it might be different.  You might be looking for a place to get involved.  You might be looking for an area where your money can reach children and literally impact the world.  You might be wondering what being a Christ-follower means and how you can put that into practice in your busy life where you have extra resources but not extra time.  You might love going on mission trips to help those in need but find that your family…little one’s, spouse, aging parents…need you more at home right now.  For those of you looking for something new to be involved in, please follow along with me during this month.  Let’s learn how we can change the life of a child with $38 a month.  Let’s pray about whether this is an opportunity that would fit in with our lives and our families.  Let’s see if you want to get involved by becoming a Compassion Blogger yourself (check out their post for the run down on September blog month) or by sponsoring one child or ten children.

I will be blogging about the topics that we’re given because no one other than Compassion headquarters knows more about the program and they can provide me with more resources and information than I have on my own.  But if you have any questions or want more information about something, please email me (talesofapeanut at gmail dot com) or leave me a comment and I’ll try my hardest to find out that information and share it with you and everyone else.

I believe that God calls us to be missionaries to the world and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe that includes being a missionary in our own family/church/town/state/country but I also believe that there are lots of people who haven’t heard the Good News throughout the world.  Compassion allows me to reach some of those people without leaving my home.  And if the most number of people sponsor children from my posts this month, I would be so honored and excited to travel with Compassion on a blog trip next year to meet those people in person.

Please be thinking and praying about how you could possibly be involved with Compassion and be on the lookout for the first blog month post next week!

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