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James Goes to School

James’ first day of Mother’s Morning Out didn’t turn out as nice as Charlotte’s.  He wasn’t in a great mood when I got him up and as I set him down to get pictures of him before we left all I got were tears.  Lots of big, angry tears…..

I then tried to give him my phone (his most coveted possession) but even that only got me frowns…

I thought putting Sissy in the picture might help so I stood/sat him on the bottom step with Charlotte behind him.  No help whatsoever.  Actually, it might have even been worse!

And then when he decided he just wanted to sit and didn’t want to hold on, Sissy overreacted and started trying to pull him up with his hair.  Awesome.

(Just for disclaimer purposes I was right there and James was not unsteady.  He was solidly sitting on the step and was fine and was scooped up by me immediately after this picture was taken.)

Charlotte was happy to oblige with a picture though so at least someone made a good one on James’ first day of school!

I was very happy last year when I found out that James would have the same teachers that Charlotte has had over the last two years.  These ladies are so kind and loving and I felt totally comfortable leaving both children in their capable hands.  But it was a little different dropping James off this year.  He just seemed so much younger than Charlotte did when she started school.  She was walking and talking and James just still seems like such a baby.  I guess it’s because there’s a three year old in the house too, but it just seemed too early to be sending him.

He, of course, cried when I left him and I had to hear pitiful “Mama’s” on my way down the hall but by the time I could get out of the hallway he had already stopped crying so I knew that he would be fine.  When I picked him up right before noon, he had his head laid on one of the teachers shoulder and was sucking his thumb.  They said that he didn’t take a nap (he still takes a morning one every day except for Sunday) but that he did good.

I got him in the car to wait on Charlotte to get out in carpool and gave him  his first day of school present.  He wasn’t nearly as excited to open it as Charlotte was (I’m not sure he’s going to be a fan of opening presents on his birthday next week!) but he perked up once I got it out of the bag for him.

I’m thankful for James’ sweet teachers and the loving environment that they create so that I can have a few hours to myself each week.  I’m never as productive as when I’ve dropped everyone off at school and have to be back in a few hours to pick them up.  I know that James will grow to love school just as much as Charlotte does!

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