Construction Chronicles – A Strong Foundation

Well my pictures from this week aren’t spectacular because it has been rainy and foggy all weekend but I do have pictures which I made from my car after dropping Charlotte at school yesterday so that’s at least something!

We’ve made a lot of progress over the last week and we’re really excited about it!  Our footings have been poured, along with our pantry walls which will serve as a storm shelter of sorts and they are almost finished laying our block foundation (hopefully they’ll be finished by this afternoon but by this weekend they were still working).  It is excited to see an actual outline of our house start to take shape! Right now it’s just a bunch of blocks in a muddy mess due to the weather but it’s something!

We know that the foundation is the part of our home that will make the most difference.  If it’s shaky then our house could collapse like a house of cards but if it’s firm, our home will remain.  We want this house to be rooted in the knowledge of Christ and are praying over our home’s creation.  On the day that we first broke ground back in July Jason sent me this and it still gives me chills to read it.  I hope that he doesn’t mind me sharing it, but it is our hope for our home.

“May God watch over us during this process and always bless this house, no matter who is in it.”

We know that our family is secure because our foundation is set on the Rock.  We are praying that the God of the Universe will watch over each step of our home building process and direct the workers hands to craft a home that will glorify Him.  We pray that he will bless those who build it as well as our family, and any that will follow, who inhabits it.

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