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Charlotte’s Toy Recommendations

Last week I shared James’ One Year Must Haves and this week it’s Charlotte’s turn.  These are things that she is in love with day after day and, I think, would make great gifts for a similar aged little girl.

(1) Fisher-Price Doctor Medical Kit
Charlotte loves this doctor’s kit and her love for Doc McStuffins, I’m sure, is a huge part of this.  She likes to give everyone check-ups and diagnosis’s.  I think having her role play with the kit though has helped, a little, with her fear of the doctor too which is nice.

Charlotte has recently become obsessed with coloring and her Mickey coloring books are her favorites. She will set up tons of crayons and colored pencils and her one plume (purple pen with a feather on the end) on the kitchen table and work on masterpieces.  I had stopped buying coloring books because they were coming out of our ears and Charlotte never used them, but I guess she just had to grow into them because now I’m afraid that we’re going to run out!
Doc McStuffins got us out of the continual Mickey rut, but now I think Jason and I are singing “Time for your Checkup” in our sleep.  This is Charlotte’s go-to dvd on the long rides to Tuscaloosa and she (and we) can repeat most every word in it.  I really like Doc because she loves her animals just like Charlotte does and I think it’s helped Charlotte’s imagination run wild recreating stories and making up new stories for her babies around the house.
This puppy’s name is Nola at our house, since Jason and I brought him back as a surprise from New Orleans.  He is so soft (like all Jellycat animals) and Charlotte loves him.  I love that the Jellycat animals can be washed time after time and not change their texture or shape which you can’t say about some stuffed animals (in particular the ones that you pay an arm and a leg to make yourself!).
We got Charlotte some Piggy Paint after her haircut before school started and now, on special occasions, we repaint her toes.  Her color is more of a purple and she loves it!  I love that it’s non-toxic and, even though I don’t put it on her hands since she still sucks her thumb, I feel better about it being on her toes since I feel like it’s safer.
I could have included six pairs of shoes and they would have all been her favorites, but these are one of my favorite pairs that she has so I included them.  She loves her “Sparkly Toms” and loves wearing them when I’m wearing my Toms.  Some of her other favorite shoes are her HeeHaw Boots (fake Uggs) and her Cowboy Boots!

I would love to hear some suggestions for James or Charlotte for Christmas lists or things that your kids love that I haven’t thought of!  
Disclaimer: No one asked me to list these items and my opinions are all my own. But if you purchase one of these items through these links on Amazon I might get a few pennies through the Amazon Associates program.

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