Charlotte is a hoot these days.  I’ve been keeping a running document in the Notes in my phone with things that she says and even though they go back a while I want to document them here for posterity!

May, 2011
Charlotte pronounces the word “turquoise” as “turk-noise”

March 20, 2012
(I’m bringing clothes into the laundry room to put in the washing machine)
C: Mommy, can I please help with the laundry?
Me: Sure
C: (while stuffing clothes in) I can’t believe all these clothes are going to fit!
(C leaves the laundry room and then walks back in)
C: Thank you Mommy for letting me help you with the laundry!

March, 2012
(Charlotte gets to play apps on the iPad while I nurse James.  When she accidentally touches something on the app and it goes to anther screen she always brings it to me and says….)
C: My app’s not ‘specting me! (i.e. my app’s not respecting me)

April 7, 2012
Some fun pronunciations:
“Camelope” = cantaloupe
“Mama Neen” = Mama Dean (KayKay’s Mom)
“Somekin” = something
May 8, 2012
Me: Charlotte, you’re the best little girl in the whole wide world! (I’ve told her this for a while)
C: Mommy, you know what? I think….you’re the best Mommy!
(My heart melted.  Worth every second!)

May 9, 2012
(I’m getting Charlotte up from her nap, already knowing the answer to the question is NO!)
Me: Did you go to sleep?
C: Ummmm….. Not ex-actly!

July 19, 2012
“Pi-nano” = piano
“Kekater” = Decatur
Charlotte also told us that she had a wedding and a party during nap time!

August 11, 2012
Charlotte had been especially good recently obeying and being sweet.  And she was doing a good job obeying and picking out new clothes for school.  So we treated her to a new puppy from Build-A-Bear.  On the way home I was describing why we got her the puppy (because she’d been sweet, etc).  After I finished a long description of the things that she’s been doing well, she said, “Awww, thanks!”
September 20, 2012
Putting C to bed the night before the dotMom conference.  It had been a frustrating experience with lots of distractions and delays.  We finally got in bed to sing and I reminded her that I was going to a conference this weekend and would see her on Saturday. She asked why I was going to a conference and I told her to learn how to be a better Mommy.  She looked at me and said, “Why do you need to learn how to be a better Mommy? You’re already the (throwing her arms wide) BEST Mommy!”
September 26, 2012
C looks at me in the middle of dinner and says “I’ll like you for always Mommy” (from the “Love You Forever book)
October 1, 2012
I curled my hair with hot rollers for the first time since probably college.  Went to get C up from her nap and she immediately said, “Mommy! You’re hair is soooo cute!”  I told her thank you and as we were walking down the stairs she said, “Mommy, you’re hair is very, very cute!  You look like an Alpha Chi Omega girl!”
November 8, 2012
Driving to Jason’s office to get him for Tuscaloosa and I asked how many helicopters she thought would be in front of his office (we do that every time talking about hypotheses and guesses, etc). She said (unprompted), ” I don’t know… Lets make a hypothesis!” We later explained again what a hypothesis is and the talked about slopes and inclines on ramps getting up on bridges.  It amazes me the things that she remembers and wants to know about!
December 2012
Since we’ve moved in to Mom and Dad’s she’s started telling Papa that he can’t mess with her.  Whenever he starts teasing her she points her finger at him and shakes it and says, “Papa, don’t mess with me! Did you learn your lesson??”

James is crawling/walking everywhere now and sometimes when she looks up for him and doesn’t see him she yells out, “Help! I’ve lost my bro-fer!”

C loves the phrase “I’m ALL about….”  Some instances that she’s used it:
“I’m ALL about Alabama football!”
“I’m ALL about the sparkly cheerleaders!”

December 23, 2012
C exclaimed “No way!” every time she opened a present!

December 24, 2012
C was singing the chorus to “My Soul Magnifies the Lord” by Chris Tomlin while she was getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve (there was no music playing, but it had been on in the car on our way home).

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