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North Pole Bound

Yet another family tradition is our trip to see Santa every year.  There is a great display in North Alabama that includes an entire village and Charlotte has been talking about going to Santa’s Village for months!  The night that we planned on going it ended up sprinkling but the temperature was mild so it turned out perfect.  It poured while we waited (inside) to see Santa and there was next to no one there!
As soon as we got in Charlotte wanted to see the reindeer.  She was a little disappointed when we told her before we got there that Rudolph wouldn’t be there, but she decided that his friends Dasher and Dancer were there and told them to tell Rudolph hi for her.

James saw Char Char for the first time while we were waiting to see Santa and as soon as he saw him he started reaching for him!

Jason, Charlotte, and I ran up to see Santa’s bedroom.  Charlotte thought it was pretty neat to see his bed and room!

We weren’t sure how Charlotte was going to do with Santa but she had been talking about meeting him for weeks so we were hopeful that she would at least talk to him.  On our way out the door she made us go back and get her white gloves so that she could have gloves like Santa’s.  Thank goodness he still on his white gloves even though he was in his “warm weather” Santa suit!  Charlotte immediately showed Santa how their gloves matched and Santa was quite impressed!

Then, the next thing I knew, she was hopping up on the big guy’s lap!  She didn’t hesitate at all and told him all about what she wants for Christmas!

 Of course, the visit wouldn’t be complete without tears of some kind.  In this case they were big crocodile ones from James!

Santa got one last hug from our girl though before we told him Merry Christmas!

We explored the Village and tried to get some group shots after visiting with Santa.  Charlotte loved watching the penguins, trains, and walking through the maze with Daddy!

We then went in to officially write Charlotte’s letter to Santa.  She dictated while Daddy wrote and her list continued to stay the same.  She hasn’t wavered on what she wants at all!

The traditional snowmen pictures were saved for the end before we left Santa’s Village.  We can’t wait to visit with him again next year!

Santa’s Village: 2011, 2010, 2009

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